together we will take care of sweden

“I went a while ago, down to the barricades next to the site of the horrific attack and laid flowers and lit a candle for those who died or were injured today.

To all of you who have lost someone or concerned about someone who is injured – you should know that all of Sweden is with you. I also want to say a special thank you to all police officers, rescue and medical personnel and anyone who voluntarily helped people when they needed it most – you are the pride of our country.

No matter who or what it is that attacked us, their goal is to undermine democracy and sow discord between us. But they will not succeed. They can not subdue us, they can not control our lives and they will never win.

I know that many are now worried and scared. And we are many that hugs the ones we love extra hard tonight. The police, all our other agencies and government work tirelessly for your safety.

Take care of each other. Together we will take care of Sweden.”

Stefan Löfven
Prime Minister

21 thoughts on “together we will take care of sweden

  1. Thank you for your beautiful post on this very sad day. Am thinking of you and Sweden and hoping more peaceful days will soon return . . .

    • Eha, thank you so much for your lovely words … yes, I believe that we have embrace the reality the best we could … I wish peaceful days will return to all of us. Because it will happen somewhere else … again. That is the terrific truth we have live with. I wish you pleasant weekend.

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    very true what your Prime Minister Stefan Löfgren said and I agree with every word he said.
    This is all terribly sad and my heart goes out to those who have been affected.
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Yes, his words hit me straight away and that is why I posted it. I think he posted this somewhere online. 6 people has now left the hospital .. 9 still critical and one of them a child. It could be a lot worst .. but the lorry caught something so it made a terrible noise so people was warned and could escape into the the shops. The victims seems to been in the beginning of attack. Cleaning hugs … *smile

    • Thank you, Jo! Yes, our prime minister isn’t that popular … but he has really shown his true colours during this difficult time. This speech is beautiful and straight to the point. Today he laid down more flowers today and met the people. He walks along the Drottninggatan where the truck was driving yesterday about 20 min walk to the government building. .. he stopped talked to people at cafes, people took selfies with him .. he joked with the kids, shakes people’s hands and gave people hugs on the open street … that shows the man he is. No car .. only his 4 bodyguards .. and they let the public come close to him. Fantastic man.

    • Angela, thank you so much … today we shown that we are united and that makes us strong. Yesterday people in Stockholm offer transport home or a bed for the night for those that couldn’t make their way home, because of the transport lock down. Wonderful. I only hope that the police has the right man … arrested, they sound very confined. Thank you so much for your heartly comment.

  3. What to say? This is an out-of-the -blue attack that could have caught any of us going about our very ordinary business. That is the really frightening thing – there is no escape from such randomness. I feel for the ordinary people caught up in this, and for the people of Sweden who have all been assaulted.

    • Meg, I think we all knew it will happen sooner or later .. after that failure bomb attack 6 years ago. But still we hoped that we were wrong … we are not involved in any war somewhere. I’m very sad and angry. Sweden has said welcome to people that needs help and shelter for so long as I can remember. But it’s a part of our everyday now .. doesn’t matter where we live. That doesn’t mean we should accept it … or change our way we live our lives. Today the street where it happened yesterday is open for business again. That’s is the right spirit.

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