stockholm says thank you to the police

The people of Stockholm has today said thank you to the police …. for their fantastic work during after the terrible event yesterday afternoon, when a hijacked truck ploughed through a busy pedestrian street in Stockholm.

People have started to put flowers on police cars … as a thank you for the fantastic job they did and the extream quick response (only took minutes) … help to the injured, distressed people and their work around the terror-attack.

Want to share with you … I think this is such a beautiful picture. This picture makes me feel so good in all the numbness I have felt today.

“A person who appreciates someone
doing something good
is also a good person.”
Saif Ullah

8 thoughts on “stockholm says thank you to the police

    • Yes, it truly is … and today there was a lovely image with a 5-year-old girl given a policeman a hug. All emergency staff has been so praised and also people of Stockholm that opened up their homes to people that couldn’t make their way home from work because of the transport lock down. I wonder why all the hotels in Stockholm couldn’t offer rooms???? Pretty poor.

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