we will wake up to a different sweden tomorrow!!!

So now Stockholm and Sweden have been hit …  6 years ago we had a suicide bomber on the same street … during the Christmas shopping, but the vest didn’t work, so he went into a side street to fix it and blow himself up. No casualties … but today we have.

Our country is shocked … even if we have known that something one day will happen here too, the reality is very brutal.

How will we ever be able to protect us … it doesn’t matter if we stay at home … or travel around the world.

“Sometimes, the time take a pause 
And something unexpected occurs.
The world is changing every day
but sometimes it never becomes the same again. “

Alf Henrikson

My thoughts go out to the victims .. their family and friends and to all the people that have been affected by this terrible event. We will all wake up to a different Sweden tomorrow!

26 thoughts on “we will wake up to a different sweden tomorrow!!!

    • Thank you … I really needed that hug. I’m very shaken … even if we have said it will happen here too … for a very long time. We have all been hoping we should be wrong. Time for bed .. A big hug back!

    • Thank you so much!!!! The news are they have arrested one man … and they are a second man interrogating another.
      4 dead … 9 critical injured … 6 have left hospital. One of the critical injured is a child.
      What I understand was the lorry got a lot of debris in front of so it was very noisy – so people heard and escaped into shops.
      The most injured and dead .. was in the beginning of the street where the attack started.

  1. I knew nothing of this, Vivi, though my ‘news hawk’, who watches the world from his phone and didn’t bother to tell me, was aware. Such sad times we live in. Home late tomorrow. Take care, hon. We need more hugging in this world. 😦

    • Yes, the only thing we can do is not to get scared and get on with our lives. But it will happen again and nobody can protect us against this kind of terror. The van was stolen only minutes before .. the driver tried to stop, but was injured. Jo, the world need a big hug … !!! Travel hug!!!

    • Loisa, it will not stop … we don’t know our enemy … and we have to go on with our lives. It’s something we have to live with those days.
      I’m thinking about Northern Ireland that had terror in their every day since 1960. Bombs and killings happened every day … and they survived and have a come through it. Thank you for you thoughts.

    • Thank you, Carol – it’s heavy morning to wake up too … but life has go on. Little Sweden is now on the map too … London only a few weeks ago. The suffering and pain .. those people bring to us for no reason.

    • Andy, I totally agree with you …. there so much beauty and good in our world .. that we should enjoy and take close to us. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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