weekly photo challenge – security

I’m one of them that have a massive respect for the police and the job they do all over the world. I feel safe when I see police around. I like that “big brother” is keeping an eye out for me.

In my younger years, I was arrested … was in the wrong place at the wrong time (honesty). All others were picked up by their parents … but mum told police that I got there by myself I could leave on my own too. 8 hours in a cell, just brilliant .. but no prosecution.

Istanbul, November 2016

New York, September 2013

Paris, September 2009

Swedish Police shield

Very sexy in Berlin, September 2015  (just adore his cheeky smile)

Chicago, September 2014

The island of Itsukushima (Japan), April 2015


And the Swedish police has the moves too … this video is so funny and the performers is real cops from the area where I grow up.

“When a police officer tells you to stay in the car,
you stay in the car.”
Reese Witherspoon


26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – security

    • I think that is the reality of today. I don’t think that security guards should wear weapon … if they aren’t police.
      They searched everything you had with you into every shop. That was before my time living there.
      British police men don’t wear weapon … they only have stun-gun and baton.

  1. A nice tribute and diversity. I don’t have quite your deep admiration for police generically. I’ve been on the periphery of a lot of abuse of power, especially towards Aboriginal people, although I’ve also seen thoughtful and psychologically clever policing. I’m dying to know what you’d been up to!!

    • Meg, there is rotten eggs in every basket … but in overall, the police does a brilliant job and nobody say thank you. So many police officers that have die in the line of duty .. to keep us save … doesn’t matter hard they work .. it is the same story the next time they are on duty.
      And I know there happens police brutality all over the world too .. but I’m a strong believer that there is more good ones and bad ones.
      What I been up to??? … I was a bystander when there was an uprising in Gothenburg between two youth gangs .. and one of the police just grabbed me and put me in police van too. They were very kind, but because mum didn’t feel for come and pick me up .. I had to stay overnight (the only one). Slept like a log. I was in my early 20’s.

    • Yes, it’s scary that police have to carry heavy weapons … !!! But in Istanbul, the police force is the target. Also, see it in airports around the world those days. I wouldn’t like to live in a society that doesn’t have police.
      Breakfast hug.

  2. I think one of the worst things is when there’s a breakdown in trust between police and civilians. There are abuses on both side, but I think it must be very difficult for police when the people they spend most of their time with are criminals. It would make it hard to keep a positive outlook!


    • Janet, I totally agree with you … everyday they have to deal with the same “shit” – none ending story. I would never be able to be a police I would be so frustrated over the situation. They have one of the most unthankful jobs in the world. Doesn’t matter how good they are and how hard they work … we don’t notice the difference because crime increase all the time. Thank you so much for your comment.

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