it works – eyelash enhancer

I have for a long time notice that my eyelashes are getting less and less .. and shorter and shorter, so I thought I will try eyelash growth serum – even if I doubted that it will work. Mostly because of my age, 69, and also I don’t really believe in cosmetic miracles.

So I was looking around with help of Google and there is so much out there and they don’t come cheap neither. The reviews are all over the place, some say some brands are fantastic and others say the same brand didn’t work at all.

So I picked some brand and went over to – and one of the brands, FEG Eyelash Enhancer, I found for under £3.00/$3.80/€3.50/32.50SEK …. free postage from Hong Kong. Perfect if it didn’t work. It’s one of the cheaper brands, but still, here in Sweden, it cost around £40.00/$50/€43.20/442SEK. A lot cheaper anywhere else than in Sweden.

What I understand there are loads of faked copies of the product – but mine in the orginal package and with the hologram 100% Anti-fake.  

Most reviews said that it will work, but it will take up to 30 days, but the manufacturer claims that there will be a chance in a couple of weeks time, which I don’t agree on.  Not noticeable with my eyesight.

To my own surprise, it has worked – my lashes has become a lot thicker and longer, they have grown about 4mm – whatever that can be in inches.

I have been using the serum every night since the second week in February this year and I started to notice the change about 14 days ago. The instructions are that it should be applied as an eyeliner, but I have also applied it like a mascara. Also, the instructions say that it should be applied twice per day, both morning and evening. Only used it in the evening.

Today I used mascara on my lashes for the first time since I started with the serum and what a difference. If the grow any longer they will touch my glasses. Both over and under lashes has got a fantastic boost.

The 3 main ingredient is;

Purified water:  Although it may seem ordinary, purified water is quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of the water industry. Purer than other types of water, it is of a higher quality and contains essential properties.

Citric acid:  An alkalizing agent that is naturally found in citric acid fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and lemons, citric acid has a myriad of uses. Because of its ability to reduce acidity in the body and functions as an antioxidant, it promotes healthy body functions.

Citric acid also helps loosen the damaged layers of skin. Because of this, it encourages healthier, younger skin underneath the damaged skin which then comes to the top, giving a fairer skin and an effervescent complexion.

Antioxidants in this acid help repair skin and fortify blood vessels which are why it is frequently used in facial creams and lotions.

Sodium chloride: Known as a salt, sodium chloride is an essential ingredient that helps the body maintain fluid balance, helps the muscles relax and assists the nerves in transmitting signals. It has shown to balance blood pressure and improve overall health. By drawing out water, it prevents bacteria from growing, preventing the damaging risks of free radicals.

I didn’t take a photo of my lashes before I started to use the product because I didn’t think it will work. BUT IT DOES … at least on my lashes.

Think it’s very individual if it works or not, I’m happy that I found a brand that works for me and that didn’t break the bank. And the 3ml seems to last forever.

I read somewhere that the products can also be used for the eyebrows, to get them thicker, my next mission.

“Life is short
your lashes shouldn’t be”


22 thoughts on “it works – eyelash enhancer

    • Meg, I will take a selfie next time I have the mascara on. Promise. I can’t say they have got darker, but I think that has to do with the age .. but they have really got a boost. Thank you so much! I have been exciting too over the product the last 2 weeks. *laughing

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    there are so many products out there, I’m happy you find the right one right away.
    I have tried one too for the last couple of months, but it doesn’t really work.
    Now I have another 2 here…hope that one of them will do it’s job properly 😀
    I hope you’re well!? Have a very HAPPY weekend.
    Duvet hugs xo 🙂

    • Dia, thanks for asking .. I’m doing okay. Amsterdam is coming up over Easter. So looking forward to the trip. Never been to Amsterdam in the Spring.
      I think this is the lash serums … is very individual, some work fine on some and not at all on others. XLashes seems to be the product that most users got a result. So good luck with your trail.
      I wish you a great week … Breakfast hug!

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