cupboard sunday dinner – “thai” curry

I’m not an expert on Asian food and I don’t cook it very often … even if I like it. Now and then I can do fried rice with chicken … but it doesn’t happen very often. 

When I was visiting friends during the last week, they served a fabulous curry … one evening and it was done in less than 15 min. Just my cooking style. So I asked for the recipe.

Two ingredients I had to buy .. like this spice mix “Pineapple Thai”,  something a Swedish spice manufacturer has come up with. Reading from the bag it contains pineapple juice powder, salt, onion, garlic, lemon juice powder, kaffir lime leafs, ginger, lemongrass, chilli and turmeric.  Plus I had to purchase fresh baby spinach. 

I used frozen chicken breasts and I used Dole’s tinned pineapple pieces, something I had at home.

Thai Pineapple Red Curry with Egg Noodles, serves 4
400gr (14.10 oz) chicken breast (4 small breasts), cut in strips
15gr ( 0.5oz) of Pineapple Thai Organic spices, 1/2 bag
1 tbsp (topped) red curry paste
400ml (1.7 cups) coconut milk
1/2 fresh pineapple, cut into pieces (I used tinned)
100gr (3.5 oz) baby spinach
2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander (used frozen)
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp fish sauce

  1. I cut the chicken breast in thin slices as it was still a bit frozen to make it easier for myself and to get the slices the same thickness.
  2. I mix the spice mix and curry paste with the coconut milk.
  3. Drained the pineapple pieces well for about 15 min.
  4. Used my wok pan and added some wok frying oil on high heat.
  5. Put in the chicken strips, season with salt and black pepper – when the chicken started to take a golden colour I added the oyster sauce and fish sauce and fried for about 5 min in total.
  6. Added the coconut milk and let it simmer away for about another 5 min and then I added the spinach and stirred until it was wilted. Finished off with the coriander. 

Regarding noodles, there are so many ways to cook or not cook them. I boil up water with salt and take the pot off the stove and put the noodle nests in and let them soak for about 8 min. Then I drain and rinse them under running cold water. Put them back in the pot on the warm burner .. drizzle a very small amount of sesame oil over and stir so the noodles get properly coated with the oil.

I’m sure this is not an authentic Thai curry, but a great flavour, not “landing in Tokyo the next day” hot and quick to make. The closest I ever come to a Thai curry. I suppose I should have served myself rice with the curry, but I’m not really a keen rice eater.

“Noodles are not only amusing but delicious …”
Julia Child

20 thoughts on “cupboard sunday dinner – “thai” curry

  1. An amusing noodle. Now there’s a thought. The food would have to be delicious: the photography is. This puts my breadcrumb-and-garlicked beans and pasta in its place, low down the food chain!

    • Meg, nothing wrong with garlic beans and pasta. It reads healthy enough to eat .. at least for me. *smile – Thai is suppose to be healthy, but I’m not too sure. It was a dish that Oscar liked too. I wish you two a great week.

      • And you too. Mine is full of friends: coffee this morning; afternoon by the river and at growers’ markets tomorrow; a 7am lake walk on Friday – that’s between plumber, optometrist and hairdresser (if I can bear to sacrifice my Warsaw trim and go curly again.)

      • Sounds like a really a pleasant week .. thanks for reminding me about the hairdresser … need to book. Enjoy your week and good luck with the curls. *smile

      • Here is the replay from the company that makes the spice mix!
        Hi Viveka
        How wonderful that you’ve tried our spice mix “Pineapple Thai” and like it!
        It is then not the plant that is also known by the same name “Pineapple Thai”. Personally, I have not heard of it and its effects.
        Suspect that it has a higher price per kilogramme than our seasoning mix; D

        We will certainly take the facts that information to our colleagues. Thank you!

        I wish you a nice week!
        Consumer Contact

      • I don’t think they will change the name … because nobody in Sweden knows about the real Pineapple Thai, but they have posted my email on their website. A lot less … *laughing.

  2. Your Thai curry looks great, Vivi. Very appetizing and looks like a well-rounded meal. I made pasta carbonara on the weekend…somehow it took me 2 hours. Incredible 😂😂😂

      • Yes. 2 hours 😦 The pasta was from the packet but I cooked the rest myself, lol. 5 days worth of dinners really (to eat when I come home from work). But I also in that time I cooked a side dish of mixed veggies, chicken and potatos. But the pasta did take up most of the 2 hours. It all tasted very good actually… 🙂

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