weekly photo challenge – atop

“You can’t take the sky from me.”
Joss Whedon

I’m not very good with highest .. and going to the top .. on things, isn’t my thing. I have images from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong … but that will be to copy Cheri, that is behind this week’s topic and her fantastic image. Had to really think and that is not really my strong side neither because I don’t have a clue what I have on my 50 full SDHC cards!!!!!

I have chosen two “monuments” that made a massive impact on me. Both monuments … stand for people’s fight for their freedom.

We should all have the right to our freedom … freedom for our word, thoughts, sex, lifestyle, religion, sexual orientation and love.

The first images are of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Prishtina, Kosovo. The building that caught my heart and soul. What I understand that it’s still standing because there is suppose to be a mass grave underneath it. When I looked into the total empty church I thought it was strange that it had a concrete flooring. Is an unfinished Serbian Orthodox Christian church whose construction began in 1995. Standing very lonely on the campus of the pre-war University of Prishtina. I visit Kosovo last summer.

And the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers in Gdansk, Poland … symbols of hope – have been erected to commemorate the bloody victims of the workers’ strikes in December 1970. The demand relative to erecting this monument at the shipyard’s gates was one of the most important postulates of the shipyard workers who went on strike in August 1980.  


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – atop

  1. Hi Vivi 🙂 Been out and about all day and we’re just spending some relaxed time together this evening. All this sea air wears you out! Atop will be good subject for my next post 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin’.

    • Thanks for the card … arrived today – I have been seriously shopping … in Ullared today – a supermarket sells – 1.7million bottles of shampoo per year. 8000 shopping carts and 79 tills. One shop. 2,5 hours bus journey. So I’m like you … but not from sea air … we had stormy weather but very sunny today. I have to check out your entry tomorrow *smile – time for bed for me … Duvet hug.

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