music is an universal language – eurovision song contest 2017

‘I love the Eurovision Song Contest and
it will continue long after I’m gone.
Just please don’t ask me to take it seriously.’
Terry Wogan (2008)

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 decided in Kyiv on 9, 11 and 13 May. This year, participating throughout 43 countries in the competition. Only in 2011 and 2008, the number has been as high. Portugal and Romania are back in the competition, while Bosnia and Herzegovina have opted to sit out. Australia also participating for the third time. Every year an estimated amount of some 180 million viewers watch the Eurovision Song Contest. The world’s biggest yearly TV event.

On May 24, 1956 was the first Eurovision Song Contest in Lugano, Switzerland with seven participating countries.

Ireland has won 7 times, Sweden 6 and Luxembourg, France, and the United Kingdom 5 times. Last time we won was in was 2015 in Vienna.

The biggest Eurovision success is of course when ABBA won with Waterloo in Brighton, UK in 1974

An evening when there is no problem … and we all talk the same language in 43 countries, nothing about religion, race or other differences.

Robin Bengtsson, born 1990, broke through when he came third in Idol 2008. After Robin got a record deal in 2009 when he released his first single. In the coming years, he released five singles total, and in 2014 came the first EP. Then he changed the artist name to B Robin to get a fresh start in the music.
Last year he was back as Robin Bengtsson again and made his debut in the Eurovision Song Contest. It became something of a hit debut that led to a final place, where he finished in fifth place.

And last evening he won the Swedish finale and will be represented Sweden in Kiev. A great song, at least in my ears …. easy to sing along and move to. A happy tune and nothing complicated!!!!

Great song and handsome young man …. that I put some krona on … even if Russia has a great song too.

Good Luck, Robin … I will hold everything for you!



15 thoughts on “music is an universal language – eurovision song contest 2017

  1. Well, I’ll say that he is a really nice-looking young man. Slovenia has one too this year. He won narrowly over a duo of young brothers who in my opinion would have a MUCH better chance and I loved their song. The people called in for the brothers to win but the jury preferred this guy. His song is an old-fashioned, Lion-King style balled. I hate it. 😦

    • Sorry, I missed this comment …. yes, we will all know on Saturday … the Italian entry is one of the favourites … like ours. Slovenia song isn’t that bad, but a bit boring. Quite a few good songs this year. Going to exciting on Saturday.

      • This year I’m not feeling it. 😦 Even better because I will miss half of tonight’s show and probably all of the final. :p I only like Portuguese song, as hard as I try. Slovenia is out and it’s right this way. About the Italian song I like only the text, the melody is horrible. Sweden can win – again, nuff said. Your guy is dangerous. 😉

      • I don’t know … but the bookies has him in 4th place and everybody seems to think that Italy will win. Portuguese song is lovely, but it’s not a song you will remember or can sing along – and I think that the winner should be a song that makes you happy and that you can dance to .. and even sing along. Look at Waterloo. That is the best winner ever.

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