saturday with spring feeling.

“After winter, spring never forgets to come.”
Debasish Mridha

We had a marvellous day yesterday too .. with sunshine, blue sky … not a cloud, but it was so windy and the wind was bitterly cold, so I did only visit the balcony. But today we probably had the first Spring day of 2017.

Same sun, same sky … but not even a breeze. I think whole of Landskrona had spring feelings today; plenty bikes was out and about, motorbikes and even some convertible cars.

The farmer market was very busy … all benches in the sunshine were taken, playgrounds were very lively, dogs, prams …. yes, everybody was out and about. I even think our spring green buses had spring feelings because they had forgotten to wash before going into service. Probably was in a rush to get out on this lovely day.  Something I never notice before, they are always so spotless in all weather. 

Saturday is the day I visit my post office and collecting points for my on-line shopping … I shop 90% clothes, shoes and bags online, most because of the sizes I need. So I had a couple of parcels to collect.

On the main street, one of the waterholes had their yearly Jägermeister “after ski” party. So load music was pumping out over the city centre. Great event and everybody seems so have a great time.

Of course, springtime means the wonderful flowers … the first! And I met quite a few and they were all happy to see Oscar and me.

Before I returned home I stopped at my favourite cafe for a large cappuccino and a caramel and almond muffin. Still too cold to enjoy it outside … for me – but there was loads of people enjoying the sun on all the patios. 

At home, I open my parcels: navy blue ankle boots, vintage navy suede bag from Esty, navy white dotted skirt and a navy white striped jacket. I love wearing navy and white in the spring. 

Everything turned out … very well and fit perfectly. Welcome spring feelings, I have just started.

Welcome Spring of 2017!!!

7 thoughts on “saturday with spring feeling.

    • They are a bit high 3 inches … so that is okay, but I think I have to take a taxi … back home. *smile – I think the shades of grey is back tomorrow .. never know this time of the year.

      • Good for you!!!!! You should have the feet up more often. *smile – I like naughty nuts too. Good for you … red wine, nuts and chocolate is superfood .. will keep us going longer. GREAT stuff!

  1. You’re a brave woman wearing heels so high. I like stylish shoes but I’m past tall high heels. Comfort and safety are more important to me now. I guess that makes me boring in the fashion world.

    • So am I also really, but ones in while I like to wear heals and those ones are so comfortable. Nothing is boring when it comes about fashion, everything goes … really .. and there is so many beautiful flat shoes those days. I’m big fan of ballerina shoes .. goes with everything. Safety .. heels is a risk, but so is also going barefoot.

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