weekly photo challenge – the road taken

The road I took was on water – I have sailed all 7 seas … sailed under the Northern Star and the Southern Cross, visit 6 continents (never Africa by sea), been seasick twice  …. and I have passed the dateline, twice. Plus I have great sea legs. In 35 year did I have a seaman’s book. 50% of my life I been to sea. I think I have sea salt in my blood.

Also, I always lived where the ocean docks, as an adult.

“A great ship asks deep waters.”
George Herbert



29 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – the road taken

    • Tina, I think it’s more of a lifestyle than anything else. It has given me loads of adventures and loads of time to think … you think a lot when you’re at sea … you look at the horizon and your thoughts start wondering. I’m not found of small boats .. I feel unsafe, but the bigger the better.
      Thank you so much … I love the this song too, know very little about Christopher Cross, but this song …

  1. You have been traveling and traveling… wow, by sea? I haven’t tried yet. I haven’t even been on a cruise. Most of the travels have been by plane. I’ve been to four continents. I should start making travel plans!!

    • I have been working at sea … for 35 years, I’m not a fan of cruise liners, even if I worked on one … but I love the ocean and it gives me the feeling of freedom. Tough and rough at times .. but also very smooth. I wouldn’t be able to visit all the continents if it hadn’t been by sea. Yes, make travel plans … and make dreams come true. *smile

      • I’m a chef …. !!!! I always dreamed about being a captain … but school wasn’t really my thing, becoming a chef is something I never regret. Tough and hard job, but so much fun … The only cruise I would love to do is the Cunard Line’s Southampton, UK to New York and fly home. What adventure to arrive in the US with Queen Elizabeth.

      • Yes, my husband talked about that a lot. That was a long trip. Wow, I like your job. I know, as you said, is hard work, but if you like what you do, it’s fun. I have a friend who is flight attendant, she got to go to many countries!!

      • Yes, flight attendant gets to see a lot … but in my book it’s one for the worst working places … to be an flight attendant you have to be adventures.

      • No, flight attendant .. they don’t have any space to work and narrow aisles and loads of time on their feet plus they have to look good all the time. *smile And be nice to people, even the stupid ones .. loads of them up in the air.

      • I know exactly what you’re talking about. One flight attendant was under pressure because one plane had malfunction and had to deplane, change plane. She was frustrated with me because I didn’t tug away things fast enough. She was rude to me. That seldom happens. Yes, they can show even when they are under pressure!

      • There is no reason to be rude to passengers … but I have met a couple too that don’t want to be at work that day or didn’t like their job at all. *smile I find the elderly flight attendants on US international flight – very miserable.
        Also when I flew with BA from New York a couple of years ago .. they didn’t have a good day neither.

      • I don’t know how long they fly …. I know SAS give me ground duties after 50 – but American airlines I think they fly to 60 if they want t.

    • Yes, there is this cruise left isn’t … at least for me and it will happen – but I don’t know if waiting for the lottery win is the right way. Sleep tight … Duvet hug.

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    • Thank you so much!!!!! Means a lot to me. I’m a bit all over the place which is not good for a blog … if you want to be successful, but I don’t really care about being successful anymore. *smile

    • Welcome home … I’m still envy on you for Florence, looking for beginning of March next year already.
      My blogging sister Dia in Vienna and I’m going to do it … when we win on the lottery, but I think we better save up for it. Only £2500 for the cheapest cabin. *smile – but Florence first.

    • I have never lived so I can see the ocean … but in Brighton I could hear it. But so long I have it in the air and able to reach it without too much hassle. The ocean gives us, at least me, an inner calm.

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