my first, my best and maybe last – nokia 3310

Today the great news has reached me that NOIKA is releasing soon a new version of their most popular model, 3310 – my first mobile model and I have been faithful to Nokia ever since. Their phones are so easy to understand and if you had an early model – you will understand 90% on your newer model automatically.

I’m not after a smartphone, but my old UK Nokia is on its last leg – so this the phone for me and I will buy it in orange, maybe it’s red. No fanciness about this phone .. it doesn’t even have a MP3 player. It has a camera, bluetooth  and a massive battery time, 31 days standby time, 22 hours talk time.

And it’s bringing snake back, nearly impossible game – I played snacke every day on my way to work if the bus #79 turned up as it should on Ravenhill Rd in Belfast.

I was a very late starter with mobile and I got one because I won it. Probably the last manager in the company to get a mobile and I always used my own (only Nokia). The old model was released in 2000.

I love the price too on the new model €49/£42/$52/470SEK. Absolute brilliant price.

NOKIA is a Finish company still going, but not in Finland – In 2013, Nokia announced that Microsoft is buying Nokia mobile division and the buy was approved by EU a couple of months later.

So happy that my old friend is back in a more modern version and in happy colours. This is a phone for talking and texting and still indestructible … my kind of phone!!!!!!

“Cell phones are so convenient
that they’re an inconvenience.”
Haruki Murakami

18 thoughts on “my first, my best and maybe last – nokia 3310

    • I think it will be a great little phone just like the old model – and I don’t need anything extra … maybe I would like a MP3 player in it, but it’s very seldom I listen to music when I travel those day and if I do, I use Itune on my netbook. I always say keep things so simple as possible and they will last a lot longer.

  1. I was so excited when I heard this. I used this phone when I was in high school and loved the snake game on it 😊 I’m thinking of trying to get my hands on it again. Good luck if you do go after it 😊

    • Mabel, I knew that I wasn’t alone !!!! It will be in the shop this summer, what I understand. Can’t wait, because my Nokia I use for UK. the battery is nearly gone, Nokia 6170 – love it because it’s a flip phone.

    • Yes, why not … !!!! The price is right – and it’s really a fun idea .. a none complicated phone – just straight forward. Thanks for stopping by.

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