10 thoughts on “thank you mr president from sweden

    • Jo, most times he doesn’t think or investigate before he speaks – what guy! He are the most powerful man on earth … God, help us!!! “Me President” is so full of himself so he will not pay attention to what the world is saying to him or saying about him. But I’m sure IKEA can sell the wall cheap to him. *smile – my pleasure.

  1. Love this one – also love all the memes and fun stories and movies and cartoons about him. And that is also the only positive thing about this man.

    • You, when he say things like that … it’s not good for us … people think we have massive problems and doesn’t dare to visit us. He doesn’t do any research .. or investigate before he goes public. He is utterly mad this guy. Pure danger!! I have really problems with taking anything he says seriously .. is a one big dangerous clown.

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