13 thoughts on “after dark – budapest (images)

    • Not smog …. but fog – maybe that is what you mean???!!!! Bed at 8????!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m up 8.30 every morning when I’m away somewhere. Now I’m going to the synagogue – because I want to visit Raul Wallenberg Holocaust Park and to reach it I have to pay 3000 HUF and walk through the synagogue – that isn’t right in my book, but I have to take it or leave it. A memorial should be free for everyone and accessible at any time. By the way you are not a scoundrel … you’re sensible. *smile – have a great Sunday.

      • No, I meant smog. It’s very severe – mask-severe – in Warsaw and Kraków, and even Zakopane. Don’t you hate Hungarian currency? I could never get my head around the vast numbers. Mostly, I like being out and about at daybreak.

      • No masks here … haven’t seen any. Yes, the currency is like the old Italian Lire. I think I gave 5200 HUF in tip instead fo 700. Not too sure, but done is done. Hate all thoose 000000’s!!! I looked more than twice today.

  1. I think I already told you that I have become a very lazy blogger whereas you are always an inspiring blogger, Viveka. Thanks for your presence in my life – I am trying to pull myself together xxx

    • So sorry, Julie … I have missed this comment of yours. Don’t worry about being lazy .. I’m not very very active neither. It hurt me so much so read … that you still having a tough time. It’s me that should thank you .. for being a part of my life. My thoughts goes out to you.

    • The parliament building is impressive at night and that castle is massive. Some stunnning buildings in this city. Four Seasons Hotel too, one serious a hotel. Yes, night time is great – not much police presence neither. Very well behaved city after dark. Only seen one police car and 3 policemen on in the city – up by the castle and the president’s residence was quite a few.

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