got great start in budapest


Just back from a nightly walk between the restaurant and my hotel.

Left home around 8am and before I reached Malmoe airport we had a fantastic sunny and a little chilly morning. There was time for breakfast between train and airport bus … no stress what so ever.

It’s the first time I’m using Wizz Air (a Hungarian low cost airline), smooth check-in and on time, smooth touch down in Budapest even if the fog was so thick we couldn’t see the terminal building.frost

The fog and chill gave everything a beautiful cover of hoarfrost.

The door to door transportation was on time and we were only 6 passangers and my hotel was second on the list. Reached my hotel around

Hotel very good, lovely room with a fantastic loctation. Unpacked and also manage to dash over to Rossmann and get some color retouch for my hair. 1/3 of the price to what I have to pay at home. bistro-fine

Then I had a fantastic dinner at “Bistro Fine”, salmon and avocado tartar followed by veal with grilled goose liver. The restaruant is located on the main boulevard, Andrássy Avenue, were every fashion house and designer with self-rescept are to be found.andrassy-ave

As I walked back to the hotel the fog started to roll in over the city, not many people around … and the air is a bit nippy. Haven’t seen much of the city … took a detour back to the hotel, that is only 8 min from the restaurang … over the Deák Ferenc Square, which is one of the central squares of downtown Budapest and a major traffic junction at the same time. All public transport meets here. deak-sq

Had a truly great start on my visit, so it feels really good … to go under the duvet now in room 110 …room-110

and I  deal with the fog tomorrow – Good Night World!

“Sleeping is nice. You forget about everything
for a little while.”

13 thoughts on “got great start in budapest

    • Dia, had a fanastic sleep .. the bed is brilliant and my room is very quiet, not very big, but it’s only me. Just enjoyed a great breakfast … and time to take on Budapest. One thing is for sure, you don’t have to go hungry in this city … never seen so many restaurants. No fog, but no sun … Morning hugs.

    • Andy, the bed was brilliant … slept like a log. So time give Budapest a real chance … trying out the metro the first thing I. Going to visit their Food Market. All public transport is free for EU residents over 65 in the whole of Hungary. What a treat.

    • Good Morning from the breakfast table – had a very good night, slept like a log.
      So it’s time to take on Budapest, no sun .. but no fog neither. I’m sure there is so many things to do and see … today I start I visit their famous Market Hall, my feets are not in a good mood – so public transport .. and for me over 65 and living in EU I have free travel on everything in whole of Hungary … Isn’t that something. So it’s going to be some serious jumping on and off.

  1. Sounds like a great start to me, Vivi! You will have a fantastic explore, hopping on and off those buses and eating some great food. I like the sound of that veal and liver dish.

    • Sue, that veal dish as fantastic and the mushrooms really tasted mushrooms – top class restaurant .. had 2 glass of very good wine, coffee and 3 courses .. and it came to only 49£. Have travelling on tram 47 … Metro 2 and by feet today. No time for lunch. Only on my block there is over 12 restaurants.

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