out of 75 years … I enjoyed my 35 years with them


Only the Stena fleet sailing 270 times around the globe. Every year.

I’m very proud to present my former employer; Stena AB!! I’m so happy my years with them … I took good care of them and they VERY took good care of me. Working within Stena was like any marriage – some days I hated it, but all the other days I LOVED it – and we had a long marriage. It all came to an end when retired a couple of years early in 2009, started in 1972 and it was only for the summer season.

This video gives a great picture what the company is all about – experience and new thinking.

A company that today holds:

Stena Line (Ferry Operator)
Stena Properties
Stena Metall
Concordia Maritime
Stena Bulk
Stena Sessan
Stena RoRo
Stena Offshore
Stena Finance / Finance
Stena Drilling
Sembo (holiday accommodation)

Within Stena you work hard, play hard …. and have a lot of fun and the Stena spirit amongst the staff and crew … is today world famous.

The founder of Stena AB – Sten Allan Olsson (1916-2013) started the age of 23 to buy and sell scrap. He bought 1946 three sister ships scrapped and built them together into a working ship.

I would do 35 years again if I ever would become young or born again.

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
Louisa May Alcott

2 thoughts on “out of 75 years … I enjoyed my 35 years with them

  1. 🙂 Well, congratulations, Wivi!
    Aree you joining the Stena people for some kind of 75-year celebration? Will there be a big party?
    My blog is finally working again and I’m back 😀
    Sleep tight and sweet dreams xoxo 🙂

    • No, this video was launched last year … I don’t think there was any celebration. I’m not invited to any parties anymore *smile – But they do a lot of events for their senior club, but it’s from Gothenburg.
      Dream carefully – duvet hug …

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