weekly photo challenge – solitude (random)

Personal I enjoy the solitude of the night – when there are few people out and about .. and nearly every window is dark, and the last buses only carry a few passengers, when the neon light are brighter ….  the when the world and I are alone for a couple of hours … the dark has never frightened me … and neither do empty streets. Where ever I’m in the world … I walk the streets in the night.

My gallery is all about streets I walked around the world: Berlin, Gdansk, Prague, Hong Kong, Brighton, Paris, New York, Warsaw, Edinburgh, Malmoe, Belfast, Kyoto, Pristina, Vienna, Madrid and Gothenburg.

When I’m home I let the most beautiful music fill the night and the room I’m in. Music is also solitude for me – it takes me away on its wings .. to where I want to go!

“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”
May Sarton

The beautiful music I have as cloud over this gallery is Copins’s Nocturne in F Minor-Op. 55, No. 1 preformed by Chad Lawson, Judy Kang and Rubin Kodheli. Together with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata it is my favorite night music. “Nocturne” means nightly music.

I wish you a beautiful weekend!


22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – solitude (random)

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    • Thank you so much …. Berlin, one of my favorite cities in Europe … but I never to been to a Film Festival. *smile .. not too late yet.
      San Francisco a city that didn’t agree with me … maybe I wasn’t in the right state of mind, but beautiful and foggy.

      • There are loads of tired cities around the world … NYC was one of them, but what a comeback it has made. Before people wasn’t pleasant, sometimes rude, that has all changed.Same with Paris and Nice – So when people are pleasant and lucky … that is a fantastic advantage. It’s the people that makes the cities.

  2. I so love that rainy day bench in Vienna, Vivi! 🙂 I tried to comment on it but sometimes I can’t get into the comment box in the galleries. It’s obvious that you love the night, and that you love music. 🙂
    How are you doing? I hope you’re fit enough again to travel? Hugs, darlin!

    • Good Morning, Girlfriend … you have always commented on that rainy Vienna image!!! Thanks for your love comment … doing fine, hospital tomorrow for my sorry ass! So I have a week to recover after that – that’s a sore business.
      But otherwise everything is great. And what about you????

      • I love it, though not especially the grey damp skies we have here this morning.
        James is working his notice and job hunting like fury so there’s plenty of anxiety there. Lost his phone too so communicating is tricky. Life!!! 🙂 🙂 Still smiling 🙂 And sending hugs!

      • Oh, I know James will find something that fits him, it’s just going to be there … mobile is hard to be without today – especially if is job hunting. Grey it’s here … but still dry. Time for the post office, plenty parcels to collect. A comfort hug …

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