weekly photo challenge – repurpose (III)

99% of all problems can be solved by money —
and for the other 1%, there’s alcohol.”
Quentin R. Bufogle

Wall made from plastic drinking straws – Tara Donovans “Haze” from 2003 – the straws are laying down, about 3 million straws.

Just amazing!!!

wall of drinking straws

Found a little video how they build this wall … the straws are not glued … just put on top of each to the wall is done, what job.


16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – repurpose (III)

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    • All her art is wild … she only every day items and she only use one in each piece. She has also made cubes of paper clips, toothpicks and pins .. and they were totally even .. not one single item was sticking out. I love her art.
      I think this wall is glued on something .. because it’s shown all over the world and she can’t do it all over every time. 3 million straws!!!!

    • Will we ever understand why art is it’s at times … ???! And first of all … to we have to understand to like??? I don’t think so. I think it’s COOL too *smile

      • What amazes me most is that that they build this wall … from scratch for every exhibition she has around the world and packs down 3 million straws … when it’s closing down. What a carry-on, but I love her art.

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