come fly with me trough 2017

…. the first morning after my return from the UK I woke up with a cold that has nearly kept me in bed for 5 days, glad I didn’t get while being with my friends.

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a storyteller.”
Ibn Battuta

So my 2017 started off great with 9 days of meeting up with friends in both Belfast and Stranraer, Scotland … that I left behind when I moved back to Sweden in 2009. A visit I do once a year .. to catch up and to enjoy my friend’s company plus do some serious shopping … of essentials for a year, that still are 50-60% cheaper over there. So it means that I always return home with 20 kilos more .. not a big deal, only cost 10 Euros for an extra bag.

image provided by and thanks to

image provided by and thanks to

Next destination will be Budapest in middle of Feb. And hopefully it will give me some snow on the rooftops, I love old beautiful cities in the winter. So far we haven’t had any winter – it has been some frost, but snow … 2 days in total. It goes so soon it has landed.

Also, the deals on hotels and flights are much better out of season. It’s much more fun to spend 5 cold days in Budapest than in Landskrona.  Flying Wizz Air (first time) from Malmoe and staying at Carat Boutique Hotel in the old town. Do you know that you travel free in whole Hungry as a senior? You only have to have id-proof of your age.

image provided by and thanks to

image provided by and thanks to

April …. my friend Anna Liisa has always talked abut that she wants to see the tulips in Netherlands … so without asking her first, I booked flights and B&B over Easter for us in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very expensive city when it comes to hotels .. and I’m not willing to pay over 100 Euros per night for a hotel in Europe.

image provided by and thanks to

image provided by and thanks to

So we will stay at a nice little B&B owned by two brothers in the city centre. Found the room at VRBO, but because I contacted them … and we made up the payment between us … I got 100 Euros discount, includes breakfast that we fix ourselves when it suits us.

Maybe Easter wasn’t the best time for visiting Keukenhof, it’s going to be extremely busy … but the flights with SAS were so cheap. Keukenhof has 7 million flower bulbs bloom over 32 hectares during their full season, 23 March to 21 May.

Then I have played around with the thought of  visiting South of England in May … last year I found my lost friend Lindsey after 8 years again and I can’t wait to see her, she now lives in Cuckfield in West Sussex and that is close to my two blogging sisters and now dear friends: Sue@WordsVisual and Suzanne@The Travelbunny. They both have given me okay for May and Lindsey will provide the pillows

It’s Suzanne (The Travelbunny) that gave me the urge to visit my June destination, Porto in Portugal.


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She really lighted my fire through her fantastic article about her visit to Porto, Porto Photo Tour. She has done a couple more posts about the city. So in the middle of June that is me … off for 6 nights, have to change flight in Lisbon, flying TAP – and I will be staying at a designer hostel with private bathroom and terrace, Tattva Design Hostel. It has bar and restaurant …. and with a fantastic location.

August I think there has to be a visit to my friends Carol and Robert that now lives outside the Vienna and also to see my dear Dia@Happyface313, also a blogging sister that I have become very close to and I just love her company. Our days together …. has all the good things in life and plenty off it. I had planned to visit in May, but Robert has a big operation coming up that means his foot will be in plaster for 16 weeks.

For many years now Anna Liisa and I have always had a destination for my birthday – 11th Sept – last year we were in Madrid. LOOoOOoove it! This year we were thinking of Edinburgh first, but in September for some reason very expensive, both flights and hotels. And it’s a lot cheaper in the early spring, so we have put that on hold until 2018.

We have been playing around with Krakow, but she maybe is going with her local blind organisation. We visit Burge many years ago in combination with Brussel and she said that she want to go back one day … so that is what we are to doing now. Everything booked.

image provided by and thanks to

image provided by and thanks to

Fly to Brussel and take the fast train to Brugge – as a pensioner we only pay 6 Euros for a single ticket anywhere in Belgium. Brilliant. The train journey takes about 1 hours with only one stop in Ghent. We will be staying in an apartment at Bonobo Apartment Hotel with terrace and we have to fix our own breakfast .. location in the historical part of Brugge, through and flying with Brussels Airlines.

 I don’t know how many times I have been to Brugge .. when I lived in Dover I took the Hoverspeed over to Ostende and then 20 min train journey to Brugge .. most free days off. A place I never get tired off.

Then we come to October – a destination that is going to blow my socks off … at least I hope so. Łódź is Poland 3rd biggest city. It was 2 of my blogging sisters and now very dear friends (Jo@restlessjo and Meg@morselsandscraps) and that met up there last year I think and they made me look at Łódź.lodz-light-show

And I found out that they have a “Light Move Festival” the first weekend in October that is supposed to be out of this world .. and I had plans to do last October, but didn’t have the time .. so this year I’m DOING it!!!!

Have to fly to Warsaw with LOT and at the airport, there is an express bus to Łódź it will take a couple of hours.  Trying to get my Swedish blogging sister and friend Ann Christin@Leya to join me. Have booked 2 double rooms at “City Center Rooms Piotrkowska 91” with in the middle of the action to a total cost of 350 Euros with breakfast, 5 nights.

The question is if she can make it because she has some family event coming up in the begging of October. No flights booked yet. If she can’t make it I will go alone.

image provided by and thanks to

image provided by and thanks to

Then we have Christmas … it was Suzanne that got me thinking of Marrakech for last Christmas … not easy to escape Christmas without spending long hours on a plane, but it leans against Baku,  Azerbaijan. A fast-growing modern city with loads of history. Have been told that Baku, one of the most beautiful world’s cities is located at the joint of Europe and Asia.

images provided by and thanks to

images provided by and thanks to

My blogging sister Nia@photographyofnia has been talking a lot about Baku and how much she love the city. Her son lives there since some years back and has now a young family.  A very cool city with fantastic architecture.

Will be flying with Turkish Airlines (one of my favourite airlines) and have already booked a nice room for 6 nights (long flight) at “Sultan Inn” Boutique Hotel, located in the old town with ocean view.

I think 2017 is going to be a very exciting year … and I invite you to come along!!!

Please proceed to gate!

27 thoughts on “come fly with me trough 2017

  1. Budapest mid february sounds good 80 % snow guarantee well thats what I wish for you. I will be mid march in budapest. looking forward to read about it 🙂

  2. Phew, I’m worn out just reading your plans for the year. You will love Oporto, don’t forget to visit the Port Caves. I wish I had the energy to do all this travelling. Have fun.

    • Okay, I have already checked with google, there is quite a few to visit. I promise I will do my best. The destinations is what we make it too ourselves. *smile

  3. 🙂 Hi you Buzy-Bee!
    My calendar now reads: “Viveka -> Vienna in August”
    Can’t wait! For you, the time in the heat, cooling off in the Albertina and afterwards a huuuuuuge ice cream and plenty of time to enjoy food and drink and endless talks.
    Consider yourself hugged big time xo 🙂

    • Yes, we have a date … I had hoped for May, but Robert will be in plaster.
      Can we take the ice cream before Albertina???? And one after … and maybe one at Albertina. *smile
      Also looking forward to an us two-day!!!
      Had a rough evening – my sorry ass … so I had to take a luck pill … so a very happy go luck hug – for bedtime.

      • 🙂 We can have as many ice creams as you like. You know I can eat LOTS of it!
        Sorry to hear about your sorry A…
        Mine is just as sorry presently. Last week I went ice scating with my little niece and I fell on my tailbone twice. Outch. I still have problems sitting and walking 😉
        Get well, sleep tight xo 🙂

      • aj-AJ ….. ice and ass … not a good combination. You have to be careful, not 15teen anymore. Are you sure you haven’t got a damage in the rear???!!! Same to you!!!!

  4. Sounds like another incredible year, Vivi 🙂 You make the most amazing traveling companion and tour guide! What dates are you in Porto, and is Sue with you then? I know she’s visiting Stockholm at some point. I keep meaning to write down dates but I forget 😦 There was a wonderful Travelzoo deal to Amarante in the Douro and I was trying to sell it to Mick but we have a few ongoing problems at the minute and he’s not really interested.

    • I’m in Porto 15-21 June … and Sue isn’t coming, because we both think she will be struggling with all the hills. Sue is coming to Ann-Christin, 1-8th of July. But I don’t think she has Stockholm on her mind this time. Maybe she has. Never heard of Amarante – looks beautiful. Now I saw they have direct flights to Faro from CPH. Next year I’m hoping to make when you’re down there.

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