a sweet ending and a magnificent start

new-year-1…. so  WELCOME  2017 !!!!

Sorry that I slept in for nearly one hour, didn’t wake up until 11.45am!!! But I promise to make it up to you.

As always I finished off the old year with delighting myself a big bowl of ice cream as I watch the fireworks and after that I crawled up in bed and watch a movie … crime TV movie from 1999. It was okay.

For many years now I have always started a new year with the most calorie rich breakfast (American pancakes, grilled bacon, grilled asparagus, hollandaise sauce and poached egg drizzled with maple syrup) and two glasses of champagne while I enjoy New Year Concert from Vienna, with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in beautiful Vienna Musikverein. I was seating myself in front of the TV about 1 hour late, with my breakfast and champagne. It started 11.15am.

This concert is now broadcast to over 90 countries around the world.

image provided by and thanks to - e-perpustakaan.com

image provided by and thanks to – e-perpustakaan.com

This year their conductor is the youngest ever, only 36 years old … Gustavo Dudamel, born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in 1981. They provided us viewers around the world with music from Franz Lehár, Émile, Johann Strauss, Jr., Josef Strauss, Franz von Suppé, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Otto Nicolai and Johann Strauss Sr.

Also this year the waltz of all waltzes becomes 150 year – An Der Schönen Blauen Donau, Op.314 (Strauss Jr., Johann) 1866 – the piece of music that made  Johann Strauss Jr famous and his father wasn’t too keen on it that his son suddenly took the center music stage in Vienna.

Vienna State Opera Ballet - Provided unknown .. but thanks anyway!!!

Vienna State Opera Ballet – provided by unknown .. but thanks anyway!!!

One and a half hour of pure delight of beautiful music and wonderful ballet  – Großer dank Vienna!

As they say in Vienna –  Prosit Neujahr!!!!!

Time to clear up the mess in the kitchen! The reality of 2017 has landed.


“Today is the first blank page
of a 365-page book.
Write a good one.”
Brad Paisley

Featured image provided by and thanks to sony.com

12 thoughts on “a sweet ending and a magnificent start

  1. Tee hee, busy, busy! I missed the fireworks last night, slept like a log and saw the concert on TV from start to finish, clapping like mad with the Radetsky March! I thought Dudamel was great, gave a really spirited performance as conductor

    • Happy New Year, Sue …. yes, I have never done pancakes that quick before … talk about multitask. Yes, I think it was a fantastic concert and I love that young blood gets a chance. But my all time favourite was of course Herbert von Karajan, 1987 – he did it only one time and Zubin Mehta. Tried to win the chance to be able to be there myself one New Year … will do it again this year.

    • Suzanne, thank you …. for your lovely comment – but after that breakfast and the champagne .. not much happens the rest of the day. I wish you and Mr Jones .. and everybody around you two only the BEST for 2017.

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