to you from me with the warmest thoughts – merry christmas

“Dear Santa … I can explain”

You that knows me … know also that I don’t really do Christmas, more than the Christmas Card, but I am blessed in my faith.

I also, love all the light and the sparkle that Christmas gives us, but the rest I leave up it to you!

This year will I spend my “Christmas” in Marrakesh – very exciting, my first visit.

Going to be staying at a riad in the old town, Medina . where all the alley streets look the same, I’m a bit worried that I will be lost, especially in the dark.

Hopefully, I will find my way home in time for the New Year.

Until then …. a wish you a Christmas full of joy, warmth and togetherness  … and at least one unwanted gift.

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25 thoughts on “to you from me with the warmest thoughts – merry christmas

  1. What a wonderful card, thanks so much Viveka. I wish you a wonderful time in Marrakesh even if you don’t really do Christmas I hope you enjoy the season. Happy New Year too.

    • Jo, thank you so much … I promise I will do my best – and it’s all up to myself how good my visit will be. Very excited about the trip. A culture that I’m not familiar with at all – and the weather is going to be sunny, but not that warm.

    • Thanks, Maralee … I’m truly excited about this trip … so far from trips I have done before .. mostly culturewise. Really have to think about how to dress … but I love the food. Not that warm, but still a bit warmer than here. I’m sure both Oscar and I will have a great time. *smile – things become what we do them to. Merry Christmas!

    • I will celebrate Christmas … with doing things in my way when I want to. Have booked some very exciting restaurants … and I will just take things as they come or maybe not. Will take your love in my cabin bag together with my Tena Pads. *laughing .. so it will be a very important company.

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