weekly photo challenge – anticipation

in waiting

My bowl of French fries in the heated pass-through at restaurant SHED in Belfast.

Looking at this image I can recall the big urge I had to just able to dig in. It felt like light years before I got. That was 100% anticipation!

I wish you a weekend with loads of anticipation.

“Show me a person who doesn’t like french fries and we’ll swap lies.”
Joan Lunden


29 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – anticipation

  1. Ooh, haven’t had golden crispy chips like those in a while! I eat very few but I just remembered a basket of home made chunky chips with their skins on that I had with my friend from Polish classes earlier this week. Naughty, but nice! 🙂 🙂 Have a lovely weekend, Vivi.

    • I love chunky chips … not something I eat very often over here … and fries I only have with burgers. But when visiting UK – I just need to level the intakes. *smile … the same to you, Girlfriend.

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    • Thank you so much … for your lovely comment. I start putting music to my post about 2 years ago .. because music is such big part of my every day. I wish a plentiful Christmas … of warmth and togetherness .. and only the BEST for 2017. Thanks again for visit.

      • I’m not a Christmas fan … I love the cards, the light and the glitter … but, that all. Far too many MUSTS those days and I think it has gone out of control. Have never really been fond of Christmas .. because lonely people become more lonely .. poor people become poorer. Gifts are bought on borrowed money. I’m bit strange *laughing.

      • That sounds lovely with handmade gifts … and I think that most people LOVE Christmas or parts of it. But we have mad into something so BIG and so far away from what it original stood for.

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