our heroes 24/7

“Heroes are ordinary people who
make themselves extraordinary.”
Gerard Way

night-heroesThis morning around 3.30pm I heard a massive bang and I rushed to my front window … there was a car stuck alongside our house and some kind of permanent plant arrangement. 3-4  cars 2-3 meters away from the car was server damage. The driver (I suppose it’s a man) must have been speeding and lost control of the car … smashed into the first car that then moved and damage the other cars. Landed on the pavement and tried to reverse out of the situation and got stuck.

Phoned emergency services so soon I saw what had happened – and they came straight away. Did see any people around the car … so I didn’t know if somebody was inside the car. night-heroes-1

Later I found out that somebody had been running away from the car .. there is a witness to the accident.

Lucky that nobody was walking on the pavement .. but at that time of the night, not many people are out and about in Landskrona, more that speeding drivers- but they are around 24/7 too here in town. more-hereos

I have all the respect for our emergency services – they are there for us .. day and night. They are my heroes!!!  the-full-brigade


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