a voice that should be out there – matt bloyd

Image provided by and thanks to mattbloyd.com

Image provided by and thanks to mattbloyd.com

… I was playing a puzzle game online yesterday on a Swedish website and in one of the short adverts this amazing voice came to me – Matt Bloyd. Never heard about him … but sing he can and he has released his full album “Covers, Vol. 1” in November this year. I rushed over to Youtube and there he was …

I’m a massive fan of Michael Bublé … and maybe that is why I love Matt’s voice so much, but I wonder why he hasn’t been heard … because this voice should be out there – everywhere.

I know very little about this young man, what I know I have “nicked” from his web-site: Matt Bloyd

A Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter that delivered throwback pop influenced by ’80s ballads, ’90s R&B, and gospel-soul, creating a sound similar to OneRepublic or Charlie Puth. From a young age, Bloyd loved singing. This passion eventually led to a commercial music degree from Azusa Pacific University.

In addition to collaborations with Postmodern Jukebox, he released a number of covers on YouTube.

Often singing with his friends, he crafted stirring renditions of songs from the likes of ZAYN, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Adele, and the Weeknd. His first set of original music arrived in April 2016. The five-song EP “Dying to Survive” was released independently and featured the single “Give This Love a Try” with Mia Pfirrman.

Weeks after the EP’s release, Bloyd recorded a cover of Brandy’s “Have You Ever?” with Mario Jose and Vincint Cannady. Enjoy!!!!

My favourite track is his and his friend’s version of Beyoncé’s “FREEDOM” – but as I cloud I use his “Grown Up Christmas List”.

“Why think when you can sing?”
Marty Rubin

Featured image provided by and thanks to: imgrum.net

4 thoughts on “a voice that should be out there – matt bloyd

    • So glad you you like his voice and his friends too. Why doesn’t he been pushed a lot more???!!!! There is so many weak singers out there … making mega money.
      The same to you!!!!! And I wish you a pleasant week.

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