a beautiful body with an important message.

… I know that I’m not the only woman in the world that thinks David Beckham is one of the sexiest men around … and in this video, he uses his fantastic body to deliver a very song message, that violence and abuse against children are not acceptable.  What a message board!!!

It’s not acceptable to be abusive or violent against any living creature .. or human being, but maybe if we treat our children better than we treat our pets … things will change in the future.

I was abused as a child by my grandmother … because she had been abused as a child and didn’t know any other way to deal with me when I had been naughty. I was beaten with a rattan stick, sometimes so bad that I couldn’t sit in school the following day. There was never any need for that, but she didn’t know better.

Please, take the time and watch this video…  it’s only 1.01 min long. – and please, pass it on.

“People who feel the need to control others, don’t have control over themselves.”

Featured image is provided by and thanks to mirror.co.uk


8 thoughts on “a beautiful body with an important message.

    • Yes, there is no excuse to be abusive or violent against anyone or any creature. I have a strong mentality so I understood that she was doing wrong and I was going to change things myself one day. I didn’t love my grandma, but I didn’t hate her neither. The beating started after my grandfather death – between the age 8-15. But the path to where I’m today .. hasn’t been all that straight. Especially not age 15-20, but I think moving to Denmark and take responsibility for myself was the best thing I ever have done in my life, was 20 then. Because any abuse affects us – child or adult .. it gives deep DEEP scars.

  1. I hate tattoos, Vivi, but I appreciate the message. Unfortunately it will not reach the people who abuse children. It’s so wrong but so often it stems from ignorance and frustration. There are no excuses, hon. It sickens me to hear of it, and I’m sorry you suffered in this way. Gentle Wednesday hugs, darlin.

    • I don’t like tattoos neither .. but here David uses his in the right way. Living in UK I so often heard how parents screamed and behaved against their children in public .. and I couldn’t help inferring and their anger turned against me and the poor child escaped the abuse for a while.
      Very seldom that happens over here, but I know it happens behind closed doors and that is the problem. And at school and also working places .. a lot.
      Same to you … here it’s raining .. but I have a concert this evening to look forward too. Hugs!

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