city of cats and diamonds (kedi ve elmas şehir)

love-pearls….. plenty of both in magical Istanbul. The diamonds have always been in good view, but not the cats! Istanbul is a bit famous for their cats and Istanbul really take care of their cats too.

So this is all about the cats … and the diamonds of Istanbul. And I adore both!!!!!

In the evenings I have seen them, but now during my last visit they were everywhere. Maybe that was because there aren’t so many people around anymore or the weather had become colder. Wonderful to see that they look so healthy and they are so friendly – not shy at all.

Hagia Sophia has its own cat that walks around inside the museum … I didn’t have the pleasure to meet him, but president Obama did. ” GLI” is his (I guess it’s a male) name! I suppose I wasn’t  important enough for him to show up to greet me.

Image provided by and thanks to Sandy Gennrich

Image provided by and thanks to Sandy Gennrich

There are about 2,2 million cats in Istanbul in total (both house cats and strays). They own the city … it’s their city and people’s love them. As a man says in this little trailer – if you don’t love animals you don’t love people. This trailer is for the 1,5-hour documentary  ”KEDI” (2016) Cats in Istanbul. A wonderful film .. if you’re a cat lover – it’s a MUST!!!

In Istanbul, the cat is the King!!!

The cats benefit from their association with Islam in Turkey, where the population is mostly Muslim though the laws and political system are secular. A popular saying goes: “If you’ve killed a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God.”

Around Sultanahmet Meydanı (Sultanahmet Sq.) they were everywhere, very sweet cats … and had their special feeding places where the restaurant feed their cats. What I understand every place had their cats that they look after.

I’m a cat person .. and a dog person … and a hamster person and …  you name it person. So it felt very good to see that the cats are looked after and respected. They are such a big part of Istanbul.

Istanbul has jewellery shops in 1000’s – from small to big exclusive ones .. every window is like Christmas and I tried to capture some of the true glitters. They say that diamonds is a girl’s best friend, I can’t deny that some rings I would love to be able to put on my wishlist, but in reality, they are not that important for a happy life.

Personal I think that cats have a much bigger influence on our happiness than diamonds has, at least on mine.

“A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilisation.”

18 thoughts on “city of cats and diamonds (kedi ve elmas şehir)

      • Wow, so envy … now. I spent the winter 78-79, 2 months on a cruiser in Antarctica (working)., M/S Lindblad Explorer, the red little ship. You will love it. If you enter Paradise Bay, toast to me. One of the most beautiful spots down there .. if the weather is on your side. What a fantastic trip and I’m so looking forward to your images. The icebergs are not white .. they are light mint. Delight yourself. I did .. and I have even touched the flag at the South Pole. Then it was only one .. today there is many.

      • Forgotten to say … Congratulations to the 50 years. That’s SOOoOoo wonderful. 50 years .. amazing!!!!! You have made me believe marriage may work. *smile

    • Thank you, Meg … I decided already in Istanbul that I will do a post about the diamonds and the cats together. So glad you friend like my post and thanks for sharing with her.

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