18 thoughts on “instanbul leftovers (images in random)

    • Carol, thanks for asking … things are great. We have lovely weather most days, but no snow yet and my health is stable. Yes, I hope that you will get a chance to visit Istanbul too one day. How are things with you two???

      • Thanks for asking about us. I wish I could say great but my husband is having a terrible time with his health. The other day he said he felt worse than he did when he went through chemo. The meds he’s on are taking a toll on his overall health. The bowel issue seems to have corrected itself and the doctor finally gave him the green light to start decreasing the dosage on the prednisone. Now he is constantly coughing and sleeps all day. He has no energy. He finally went back to his family doctor and he needs to go for a chest X-ray and a stress test. This is probably way more than you bargained for. The good news is that my health is good but I am somewhat stressed about my husband’s predicament.

      • So sorry to read that life is tough on you both .. cancer is an evil thing and really feel for you both. Through my own journey, I learned that it’s harder for the bystanders (family and friends)and it was for me, the patient. They were so helpless. I really hope that your husband will become better and get his life back (if not to 100% so that you both can carry on with life without all the worries and treatments … and that you take care of yourself .. because stress is evil too and can knock the healthiest person over for a long time. And I understand why you’re stressed. You have to promise to look after yourself .. give yourself some Carol-time.

      • Thank you … so much! I would love to know how things are going for your both. Tough and rough when somebody close to us are not well.

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