rain, storm, christmas spirt and pyotr ilyich

looking-inside-out… and of course some food. Yesterday evening did I delight myself with the most beautiful music and very funny contemporary dancing. I enjoyed Malmoe Symphonic Orchestra and 4 excellent dancers that showed me a totally new version (a shorter version) “Nutcracker” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky at “Malmö Live” – that is located in Clarion Hotel just a few minute walk over some footbridges from the Central Station. My first visit to the venue. small city - bright lights

Never seen a hotel with that many congress halls and music stages, a bit like the hotels in Las Vegas, massive!!!


Image provided and thanks to theboxoffice.com

During my years in UK … I gave myself a Christmas treat most years – The Nutcracker at London Royal Opera House with over 100 dancers from the Royal Ballet and new costumes every season. Spectacular every year! This year  they celebrates Peter Wright’s 90th birthday with his much-loved production of this beautiful classical ballet.

When I left home around 5pm it was a mild and quite a gentle evening, but when I was going to leave the venue around 8.45pm the weather had truly changed, full storm and the rain was so heavy. I decided to walk through the hotel and on the way I stopped by their Christmas tree and Oscar got some playtime and when I came to the entrance the rain had stopped, but it was nearly full storm outside.

Before the show I had time, so I decided to have something to eat and I had a look around on Malmö Central Station .. and they had an amazing food court behind the big waiting hall, that I didn’t know excited. Food from all over the world, but also it was also a market hall. Fantastic.busy-counter

So I decide to have lasagne made from lamb and a big glass of red. The sit-down eating area for “HUSMAN” was very small and my next table neighbours were from Stockholm and we had a great chat about travelling and food adventures, they are staying at the Clarion Hotel.

So walking back to the central station after the show I let Oscar get some room … and before the train journey back to Landskrona I had a big lovely cappuccino and a Christmas muffin at the station.

I was back in Landskrona 9.20 and during my 10 min waiting on my bus – Oscar got a chance again, this time at the public Christmas tree.

“I can see why they named that ballet the Nutcracker.
It’s gotta hurt having ‘em crushed in something that tight.”
Mark A. Cooper


8 thoughts on “rain, storm, christmas spirt and pyotr ilyich

    • Meg, Oscar is the first camera I ever named … but then also my old little compact got a name, Hulda, after my grandma. Oscar was the name on my pet owl, that I had as a child for a couple of years. Real owl.
      What kind of advice are your camera after???!!!

      • Most compact cameras … has a night mode! I haven’t used mine here … because Oscar can handle night shots on any setting, but with night mode the shutter is much slower and it’s easy to be unstable on the hands – my night mode has a stabilizer. But have a look at your camera or the instruction – all instructions for most cameras you can find online those days. If Oscar want to be in night mode I try to find something to put him on during while he is working. A fench, rail .. trach can or something. I often use that when I take a shots of the moon, because I have to use the full lens (even if it’s not long or heavy) because makes whole me unstable. Good luck!

    • Jo, it was really nice .. the weather could had been more pleasant, but on the other hand .. it help me and Oscar. I’m doing fine … had some really feeling good days lately. Sending some hugs back …. *smile

  1. Orchestra and baller in one! What a treat, Vivi. Lovely shots too. Very, very lucky shots. One time I was at a performance like this and was told by the person sitting next to me to put out my small camera…lol, even for one shot 😂 That lasagne looks amazing. Very fine, wine and dine 😊

    • Yes, here in Sweden they have an orchestra most of the time to ballet performance, not playback. Most performance they tell you that cameras and audio recording is not allowed, but here it wasn’t. Also I never use flash .. it’s the flash that they want to avoid, so with smart phones you can get away with it.
      The lasagne was superb .. Thank you, Mabel.

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