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If you want to check out more of my dining adventures around the world - just click on this logo

If you want to check out more of my dining adventures around the world – just click on this logo

…. sometimes shit happens and when it happened to me it was very annoying. Mostly because I had taken a taxi from the hotel and the taxi driver couldn’t find the restaurant, so I went out on a wild goose chase and with help from another restaurant … I found it. It was just around the corner from where the taxi “dumped” me. I was annoyed because I didn’t have a clue where I was in Istanbul more than in the neighbourhood of “Milka”, one of my top favourite restaurants in Europe.

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Had booked my table through “The Fork” and it always works excellent – but this time … it went a bit wrong. Because when I got to the restaurant was it closed, they had changed their opening times and decided to have Monday close. No problem with that at all if I only had been informed, but after all, I found a nice restaurant and I took the Tünel train and tram back to the hotel.

Oscar image

Oscar image

Wrote an upset mail to “The Fork” and they tried to put things right, but the restaurant hadn’t told them of their change in opening hours. I was so annoyed that I decided not go at all, but during my last breakfast, I thought … I have been in the trade myself and everybody deserve a second chance and I could make my way there all by myself. baylo-logo

So I booked it and I’m so glad I did. Because my evening was a treat in service, quality, taste, presentation, atmosphere and feel good. And with not one bad review anywhere … they truly lived up to it.


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Baylo Bistro & Bar
Asmali Mescit, Mesrutiyet Cd. No:107,
Beyoğlu Merkez, Beyoğlu,
Istanbul 34430
phone: 0212 243 6018 (booking recommended)
Mediterranean, European & Turkish

Once again I was the only guest, but the staff told me that over the weekends they are busy. Beyoğlu has  become a new trendy area of Istanbul (European side) and it’s also where people live.


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What I understand is “Baylo” famous for their cocktails, but I didn’t have one … went for my vodka & tonic. Wonder why???!!! Wonder why nobody recommended anything to me???!! Maybe I didn’t give them a chance!!!!


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The restaurant is very small ,intimate and romantic. I think they could have max 30 guests when there are bumps on all seats. During my dinner a very nice couple entered the restaurant to say hello to the staff – they were talking English and the handsome young man start talking to me .. and I found out that his partner is living in Stockholm, a Swedish girl .. with an aunt that lives in Istanbul. They had met at the restaurant, the world is very small at times.

Once again it was too dark for Oscar to really perform, we did our best .. but the results became too dark and poor, so I have to turn to Google again.

As a starter, I had their pan fried goat cheese with spicy marmalade which I got some fantastic bread with and a spread with truffle. Excellent dish. For wine, I had Californian Santa Helana Sauvignon Blanc, crisp and just perfectly chilled. Very nice.

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My main …. SUPERB, the best veal I ever had, Veal Steak Tagliata with French Fries. The meat just melted in my mouth, cooked to perfection and the seasoning: WOW!!!!! The knife just glided through the meat. When I think about it dish, I can recall it flavour and the texture of the meat. Served on a cutting board. There is no image online for the veal, but I will give some idea of the quality through other dishes. All food images I have borrowed from Baylo’s website.

With my veal I had a Turkish red, Ancyra Merlot .. that is coming from one of the best vineyards in Turkey, located outside Ankara. A great wine … a young very balanced wine.

For the great finale of my Istanbul food adventure for this time … I enjoyed and lost myself in their Chocolate Souffle served with vanilla ice cream. A taste of heaven, I think … and of course in company with a nice cappuccino.

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The young female chef, she knows her stuff and all credit to her for this fantastic meal. I got 30% discount off the food cost, but not for that they had stood me up … because the deal they had with “The Fork”.

With deal or no deal, this is a restaurant I want to come back to and very soon. If we had a restaurant like this here in Landskrona would I be one of their regulars, yesterday!!!! I hope with my full heart that they will survive the crises that Istanbul go through so badly just now.

Please, visit Istanbul …!!!!!

“If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.”
Jane Seabrook

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Of course the cloud over this post has be about chocolate … çikolata in Turkish. Don’t have a clue what this song is about … but I’m 100% sure it’s about chocolate and I guess also about a girl. Personally I really like this song, such a happy tune. The artits name is “Chef De Chef” and from 2014.

6 thoughts on “stood up in istanbul – baylo bistro & bar

  1. Every time I view your amazing meal stories, I cannot help but wonder how wonderful you’d be eating around here, while I have only eaten in maybe 5 places in 3.5 years since I’ve been living in Capalbio in the south of Tuscany. I think amore had often paid substantial sums in near-by restaurants in the past and does not wish to repeat that. If you’re ever bored, please visit your recommendation sites, have a quick look at the offer in my vicinity, and then tell me where you would book if you were visiting these parts. If you feel like it, of course. 🙂 It would be even better if you visited for real. I just think that you don’t mind paying much more for a meal than I’d be willing. Let’s say 30 eur for one without drinks is maximum for us.

    • Manja, thanks for your brilliant comment – as a chef .. I need to see what people are up to, always been like that and still are, even if I’m not active anymore. I was always a bit ahead of the time when I was working, just because I picked up ideas from my holidays and business trips. For it’s the food the cream on the mash when travelling .. I love to spoil myself, sometimes it goes up 90-120€, but not that often .. when I visit a top restaurant. Yesterday I had a meal and a great glass of wine in Malmö and it came to 17€. But that was only a main course. In Sweden, you will not get away with a restaurant 3-course dinner for 30€ anywhere per person and if you want wine with it .. forget it. Haven’t been in Italy much and never in Tuscany – but Florence and Siena are on my on my bucket list. I will come over and check your surrounding out.

      • Great! 🙂 We are a couple of introverts so we don’t mingle and don’t learn the word of mouth in this way as to where it’s really good food and where it’s a tourist trap. Over here it’s very much the season – July and August – and out of season when there is nobody around and I suppose most restaurants close down. I guess you’re not a big fan of Italian cuisine. 🙂 I can see that over here the recipes are very much set and people expect a certain dish prepared a certain way when they order. Well, as a chef you are probably aware of the fact that in eating out it really pays paying a little extra, quality-wise. That’s why we mostly eat at home, I guess. He likes to look, after all… 😉

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