inside out in istanbul – istanbul modern sanat müzesi (im)

on-my-wayAfter 2 days of history …. and beautiful buildings I wanted to come back to the present. Museums with modern art always interest me, so the choice was easy; Istanbul Modern! But I didn’t have clue what a wonderful surprise I was heading for and the fabulous hours I would get.


It was very easy to get to .. but not that easy to find. I took tram #1 from Sultanahmet to Tophane .. and from there it was about 10-15 min walk. The museum was in the middle of a building site more or less and of course on the edge of Bosphorus.

Next to it there is a company that produces massive steel pipes, Ümran Boru. It looked like they are a very busy company .. and all the pipes piled up looked like modern art to me. The steel pipes had such a beautiful shades and they looked so soft. Steel can be very soft .. just like velvet. I know that from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, where I put my cheek against a massive piece of steel.

Nothing eye catching about the museum building itself on the outside, just like a concrete box. Not at all what I had expected, spoiled by all the wired and wonderful Danish museum designs.

But inside … I was in heaven. Fantastic interesting art .. and I understood nearly every piece. As a senior, it only cost me 13TRY – very well-spent money.dont-touch

Large and spacious, big windows against the Bosphorus – fantastic light, even when it was a cloudy day. I took my time and I loved every minute I spent at this wonderful paradise filled with stunning and funny art. The museum had plenty of young visitors that enjoyed so much as I did.

On the ground floor (basement) was 3 exhibitions – one about “day, light, night” that I will come back to … one photo show and some funny all over the place exhibition, a bit wired and wonderful. Down there was also a cinema and the museum administration and they had 100’s of book hanging from the ceiling over their head. One of the reasons … why I fell in love the place.

The museum also has a restaurant that served excellent food … and top class service with a breathtaking view over the Bosphorus, the view is priceless and for the rest I used VISA!

There is so much more I want to show you …. so I will come back with another post about my favourites and they are quite a few, all new acquaintances.  The Istanbul Modern embraced me in the most wonderful way and I embraced it back.

“Reach out for, then embrace your heart consciousness.”
Steven Redhead

21 thoughts on “inside out in istanbul – istanbul modern sanat müzesi (im)

  1. So much art and culture everywhere, Beautiful shots Viveka…! Too bad I can’t play the track on soundcloud though, It’s telling me It’s not available in my country, Soundcloud is really becoming more difficult lately mmm

    • Thank you so much, Andy .. sorry about Soundcloud. It has happened to me too that it tells me that it will not play in my country. It was some classical piece – once.
      Easy to get beautiful shots when the objects are beautiful. I really fell in love with this place.

  2. What a post and what a triple feast: art, views and food – and in your magical city. You’ve captured the diversity of the art in your photos, and I love the thought of you with your cheek against steel. A quadruple feast, if you count the music. I too like the ceiling of books. I’ve been handling real books lately – the palaces one and a history of Poland in paintings, both from my same wonderful friend. I’d forgotten the delights of leafing through. Kindle has limitations. Where to next? (Although it looks as if you might not quite have finished with Istanbul.)

    • Meg, thank you so much for your lovely comment … there is one more post from Istanbul Modern, just working on it.
      My next destination is Marrakech over Christmas … travel solo and stay in one of Riads in Medina (old town) .. very excited over this trip. Heard so much about Marrakech and I hope my sense of direction will help to find my home in the evening, because what I understand all the narrow streets in Medina look the same.
      I haven’t read a book for over 20 years .. and before I always had my nose in a book. Wonder that has happen, but I have looked in some. Have a lovely week, Meg .. and once again. Thanks!

  3. Oodles of photos, and you with your cheek not pressed up against steel. Looks like it could be tricky to get close. I love the way you look at life. It’s a good time of year to get lost in a museum. I need to get organised. 🙂 🙂 (no, it’ll never happen 🙂 ) Hugs, sweetheart!

    • Girlfriend, it wasn’t in Istanbul I had my cheek against a big piece of steel. It was in Bilbao at the Guggenheim Museum where they had an exhibition with massive steel pieces. They told us to put the cheek against to feel. I didn’t have to press. You’re so funny!!!! Love it!!! You can have Mondays walks in a museum too. I really lost myself in this. Great way to put it. Thank you!

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