weekly photo challenge – this time of the year

“It is better to light a candle
than curse the darkness.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

few becomes plenty

I’m not a Christmas fan …. but I love all the candles and lights that our homes, offices and official buildings have in their windows until 17 days after Christmas. I keep mine until the end of January.

We dress our windows … every window, the first Sunday of Advent, this year it means now on Sunday.

Every year we export about 3 million Swedish Welcome Light, as IKEA call them and I suppose they sell quite a few of them.

In the old days, people put real candles in the windows so they could find their way home in the dark, but that also meant that the fire brigades were very busy.

Swede Oskar Andersson made in 1934 the world’s first electric Advent candleholder for Swedish Philips in Gothenburg. During Christmas 1938, produced 6,000 candlesticks, which were also quickly sold out. During the WWII the production was down and started again in 1946.

I wish you weekend full of light!


31 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – this time of the year

  1. 🙂 We don’t have a welcome light in our window, but we have many candles in our home. I prefer real candles over artificial candles.
    At work we moved into new offices and open fire is forbidden. So I’ve bought some artificial tea lights for our Christmas decorations there. We’ll see what it looks like on Monday. Have to figure something out.
    Today I got some Amaryllis from the florist – dark red. Beautiful. I can’t wait for them to open. I buy Amaryllis until their end of season (end of Jan/beginning of Feb). They’re Holiday ambassadors to me.
    Have a lovely evening xo 🙂

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  3. I remember in the mid-seventies, when I got a job at the youth hostel in Grindelwald, Switzerland, that we decorated the tree with real candles! Have to keep an eye on those, but they were beautiful. I love Christmas, candle or no, but candles add a certain something.


    • Janet, I don’t think we would have Christmas without the candles today .. but the candles really belong to the dark period of the year. Beautiful. How interesting to have worked in Switzerland, beautiful country! I wish you a pleasant weekend.

    • Wonderful, I used to do that too – but it must be my age . because I always forget to blow the candles out those days. Advent is on of my favourite times of the year. And we can start to drink the Gluewine too. We call it Glögg.

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    • Wow, you have some job ahead of you. What I understand is Warsaw full of magic this time of year .. There is true magic in the all city Christmas decorations and all the shop windows.

  5. Lovely post, Vivi….hope you are having a good weekend. I’m catching up with a few blog posts, haven’t written any of my own for a good few days now

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