cee’s fun foto challenge – windows

“If it’s reality you want, I suggest you look out the window.”
Peter Stramm


P.S> Sorry for the late entry … but my Istanbul cold has floored me totally. But as they say .. better late than never. D.S

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Windows

10 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – windows

  1. I noticed Dawn had linked her ‘lingering look at windows’ to Cee too this week. It did occur to me that I might…. 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re much recovered, darlin. They can linger on a bit, can’t they? I’m off out for the first of my Christmas luncheons with my walking friends. Bit early so it won’t be Christmas menu 🙂 🙂 Sending hugs and maybe some naughty icecream to cheer you up?

    • Girlfriend … today is really the first day I’m up and about. Christmas Lunch … early start, I know you had a great time. I’m not that much for Christmas food … neither Swedish or UK. But I’m sure there would have been choices for me too if I had come along and I read that you were not going down the Christmas menu path. So long as I don’t have to eat those sprouts. *smile … Ice cream … Haven’t had it for ages???? Have to buy some on Saturday when I do my shopping. Tomorrow laundry day.!!!! Evening hug .. before TV viewing!

  2. Interesting collection of window images. I was drawn to the Mala window with red florals and striking lighting on the greenery. I think the contrast between the outside of the window being in disrepair and the beauty of what was inside is what caught my attention. Wonderful post! ❤

    • Olga, thank you so much ….. for the lovely comment. That Mala window I captured because the window was broken, but at the same time, there was so much beauty in it. I have a “fetish” for windows. Very interesting object to play around with. Thank you for the visit and for taking the time to comment. Means a lot to me.

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