weekly photo challenge – magic

When somebody says the word magic …. my thoughts goes automatical to the most magical city in the world that I have visit – Istanbul .. and just been there. Returned home yesterday. Had some fantastic days and nights! Plus I returned with a terrible cold … not so magical. This gallery is made from images from my 5 visits to Istanbul. Istanbul has always given me the magical touch.

I wish you a magical weekend!

“There’s a bit of magic in everything,
and some loss to even things out.”
Lou Reed


34 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – magic

  1. Magical – I understand that. Great shots and your returning so many times says it! Sorry to say that we share the terrible cold concept. I am in bed. Have a great weekend, magical, anyway!

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    as always, magical impressions of Istanbul you are showing us.
    Too sad that things are happening which are stopping people from traveling there.
    Get well soon and have a very HAPPY weekend.
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Same to you, Dia … the flight home yesterday made the cold a lot worst, under duvet most of the time now. Yes, it’s so sad … but I think it will recover, but when???? Thanks for your faithful support, Girlfriend.

      • Yes, the ears when landed .. thought my head was going to blow up. Dia, thank you for your concern and thoughts.
        Sure I will survive this .. *laughing .. but still a bit rough. Haven’t unpacked yet, but maybe later today. HaveALovelyWeekHug!

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  4. Such a shame about the cold, Vivi. It didn’t stop you from coming up with some magical shots! 🙂 🙂 Stay snug and warm till you’re back to your best (and thanks for my postie 🙂 🙂 You’re such a sweetheart!)

    • Yes, but I was nearly okay in Istanbul … but the flight made it worst. Been snuggling since I came home. Went to the corner shop in my pyjamas yesterday with a long coat over. The guy in the shop said I didn’t look to well. Slept well anyhow.
      If had felt a bit better maybe I chosen another object for the topic. I will take good care of myself. Glad you got the card. Swedish Mail are doing for what I’m paying them for. What motive did you get on yours???

    • Tina, thank you so much …. I haven’t started to edit my last images yet. This visit I did Istanbul on the inside. Thanks for your concern and lovely thought … but this cold isn’t very pleasant, still feel a bit rough. Haven’t even unpacked yet, but maybe later today. *smile Rome wasn’t built on one day, they say.

  5. I am glad to hear that you had a nice time in my city, dear Viveka. But I am sorry to hear that you catch cold. I hope you get well soon. Istanbul and also my country is living an hard days. Politically everything is going so badly and people are so unhappy in here. About tourists, there is a negative actions against my country especially it’s been spreading from the people of this coup (on 15th July), they weren’t success on their goal, so now they want to finish us with economically. So many details and wrong things… Anyway. we flew to Baku before your travel because of our grandson’s first birthday. When we came back, our Princess, cat was sick, she has a kidney failure and I took her every day to the vet clinic.
    Have a nice day and travel, get well soon. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Hi there, Nia … I hope that they liked my little outfit???!!! Yes, truly sad to see what has happened to Istanbul, it was a bit like having the city on my own. I visited the Museum of Modern Art – LOVE it!!!!!! There will be posts from and about my visit, but today is really the first day I have been on my feets. Nia, I hope that things are getting with Princess health, but kidney failure isn’t a great thing. I understand who devastated you two are .. I have lost two cats and one dog. My thoughts go out to you 3!!! And it was very nice to hear from you. I always miss you when I’m in Istanbul. I will be back! Lots of Love!

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