still holds it’s magic

The tourists are gone … but Istanbul hasn’t lost it’s magic.  Here are hardly any European tourist, plenty Arabs and some Asian. Hotel and restaurants are struggling and some have already given up. So sad to see. And all the traders are truly struggling.

But for Istanbul the show goes on … and how will get tired of views like this. At least not me.

“If you feel afraid of magic,
then you’ve been enchanted.”
Toba Beta

7 thoughts on “still holds it’s magic

    • Dia, yes …. it’s. Heartbreaking! But I think it will recover, when is the question. I always sleep well on Aybar Hotel. Time for being a tourist. *smile

  1. Lovely nighshots. I hope therelol be more Turkey. It sounds as if Istanbul is suffering as Egypt did in 1996 after the massacre at Luxor. It was great being a tourist without queues, but as you say businesses were suffering.

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