weekly photo challenge – tiny

“A small speckled visitor
Wearing a crimson cape
Brighter than a cherry
Smaller than a grape
A polka-dotted someone
Walking on my wall
A black-hooded lady
In a scarlet shawl.”
Joan Walsh Anglund

sailor lady birds.

Ladybirds (ladybugs) or as we call them in Sweden – Nyckelpigor (Keymaids) … is one of my favourite things. They make me feel so good and fuzzy inside! This 3 ladybirds had signed as crew on my friends sailing boat.

I wish you a pleasant weekend.


21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – tiny

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  2. In Slovenian, one is called ‘pikapolonica’. 🙂 Maybe you’ll find it funny that when I first had ‘peaches’, ‘pesce’, the peach-resembling dessert from these parts, amore told me that its deep red colour comes from a liqueur made from ladybirds! 😀 I had to google it and it turns out that the liqueur is ‘alchèrmes’ and is actually “obtained by the addition of Kermes, a small parasitic insect from which the drink derives its name.” (Wiki) Imagine that!!

    • Wow, I was just reading on Wiki … I hope they don’t use ladybugs still today!!!! We need the lovely bug … in the nature not in our drinks. Very interesting .. but in the old days they collected colours totally from the nature. I also found out that it’s only the females scale insects the use. I suppose ladybugs belongs to scale insects.

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    • Yes, over here we say it means luck. Long time since a “nyckelpiga” landed on me, but as a child it happened so often. Maybe that’s why I’m so luck today. Bedtime hug from a chilly Istanbul! *smile

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