16 thoughts on “cce’s fun foto challenge – entrances and doors

  1. I need your sunny smile this morning 🙂 🙂 You know that song Wet! Wet! Wet! Well, I guess, after the sunshine comes the rain. But I hear we’re lucky. Just down the road they have snow 🙂 Where are you travelling to next honeybun, and are you keeping ok?

    • Good Morning, we got this season’s first snow during the night – love it and today I can send some sunshine your way … the world need a lot of sunshine today … after the US election. Flying of to Istanbul on Sunday for 5 nights .. so looking forward to it. Warm winter hug!

      • I know! Bit of a nightmare all round 😦 Trouble is, nobody trusted the ‘lady’. What a world! I don’t know that Istanbul is a safe haven these days but I know you love it. Hugs back, darlin. 🙂 🙂

      • Girlfriend, it’s not safe anywhere .. anymore. Look at Brussel and Paris .. I will stay out of the tourist tracks and use backstreets. *smile – How can they trust that “man”???!!! He are so hateful.

      • Jo, it shows that there are massive problems in the USA when people vote for a guy like him, they want changes .. and they are fed up. It’s a massive wake-up call for all politicians over there, I hope both the politicians and the voters will learn from this disaster.

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