15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – chaos

  1. 🙂 Hahaha! You should come to my place – I’ve been to 3 blogger events and have been given so many things, that my spare room is pure chaotic pleasure.
    I need to start sorting them… 😀
    Hope you are well!
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • I would love to come …. and sort out your freebies!!!!!! I’m sure I could love your’s chaotic pleasure. Things are fine with me … the weather is very wet and dark, but Istanbul next Sunday for five days.
      Weekend hugs …..

      • 🙂 Wivi, is there anything you need? Body lotion? Shower gel? Or what not?
        I think soon I can open up a store. And on Sunday I might be attending another “beauty event” in Hamburg…more freebies 😀 Hahaha 😀

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  4. So you’re about to enter chaos? Have fun. I anticipate a great post.

    (My chaos is unphotographable. Location: the preschool dressing room. Nature of chaos: getting two excitable kidlets dressed for cold outdoors. The camera is the last thing on my mind!)

    • Meg, I wish I had more images of chaos to choose from .. but I don’t … if I don’t remember wrongly. I see we your chaos in my head .. kids are good a creating chaos, especially if they are in a bunch. Have a lovely weekend.

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