weekly photo challenge – shine (2)

chinese signs

Ai Weiwei’s golden zodiac at ARKEN Museum for ModernArt, Ishøj in Denmark.

Internationally acclaimed Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei has reinterpreted the twelve bronze animal heads representing the traditional Chinese zodiac that once adorned the famed fountain-clock of the Yuanming Yuan, an imperial retreat in Beijing. Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads is Ai’s first major public sculpture project. Created in 2010.

In May 2015, Sean Parker paid US$4.4 million at Phillips for the small (gold) version of the 12-sculpture work.

“Creativity is part of human nature.
It can only be untaught.”
Ai Weiweirosterzodic-headmy sign - the rat

Maybe not my best images … but they are SHINY!!!!!

The cloud is over this post is made by Peter Kam Pui-Tat is a music composer for Hong Kong films including The Warlords, Bodyguards and Assassins and Dragon. Kam is an eight-time winner at the Hong Kong Film Awards.


10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – shine (2)

  1. What strange synchronicity. J found a copy of the I Ching in Polish at our nearby cheap supermarket, and we spent last night being amazed by the truth of our descriptions. Your photos capture shine without glare.

    • I Ching … I have never hold it my hands, but reading about it isn’t difficult to understand??? Interesting that you found a copy in the supermarket. The old Chinese was so far ahead of the rest of the world. I bet it’s a interesting read.

      • I suspect you make it mean what you need it to mean. We weren’t seeking advice last night – once when J approached it with a frivolous question, it told him not to waste its time. As always J has stories, about his own experiences and about his favourite translation by James Legge, a true scholar, which spent a year in a chest on the bottom of the sea in manuscript before it was recovered – and it survived.

      • Meg, that sounds a bit too “deep” for my simple mind *smile … not much of philosopher, except when I’m at sea … I not really looking for answers in anything. In a way I wish I was .. but for me things are the way they are … can it because I’m lazy????!!!

      • The rumors are that it’s going to be a cold winter, we hadn’t had one for a couple of years … I think it was 2012. So bring it on.

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