sunday blues – bacon wrapped herb chicken

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Today I really had a Sunday blues … it was been a such dark miserable day .. with rain coming and going. Had plans to visit the supermarket after lunch, but I took out the iron board instead and made my Sunday even more heavy with some ironing in front of the TV that only showed weekly replays one after the other. And I had to turn on the lamps already 2.30pm.balcony-view

So with no exciting food shopping – I had look through freezer and fridge to find my Sunday dinner. I found a frozen herb and garlic marinade chicken breast – that I froze after marinating far too many during the summer … I individual froze them.  In the fridge, I found  2 slices of bacon, a half broccoli head, some mushrooms and a very small amount of what we call “fresh cheese” – it’s a bit like cream cheese, but a bit more coarse and natural. Crème fraîche and whole grain mustard is something I always have in stock.bacon-chicken-1

If I had used a plain chicken breast I would had seasoned the cheese with a crushed garlic clove and some mixed herbs. Or if I planned my dinner I would have bought Boursin cheese, which is a fantastic cheese to use with any meat or chicken. Made in Normandy and available in a wide range of flavours.

This is quick fix dinner if you cook at 200C/400F/Gas Mark 5 – but remember that always cook chicken in the oven on so low temperature as possible, it takes longer time .. but it will be more tender and moist. Also, all poultry have to be cooked to a temperature from 75°C to 80°C /165°F to 175°F. When cooking poultry I always use a thermometer.

The sauce you can serve hot or cold. I had mine hot.all-wrapped-up

Bacon Wrapped Herb Garlic Marinated Chicken with Butter Vegetables -serves 4
180C/350F/ Gas Mark 4 for 30 min.

4 skin free chicken breast
8 bacon slices
4 tsp cream cheese (fresh cheese) or Boursin cheese (herb & garlic)
2 broccoli head, cut into small florets
12 mushrooms, sliced

450ml (1 pint) Crème fraîche
60ml (4tsp) strong flavoured whole grain mustard.
(I added a very small amount of sugar in the sauce too)

  1. Cut a pocket in the thick side of the chicken breasts and fill the pocket with the cheese. Season with fresh ground black pepper
  2. Wrap the chicken breast in 2 slices of bacon each.
  3. Put in oven until ready and the bacon has a lovely colour, don’t need to be crisp.
  4. Melt butter in the frying pan, when chicken is ready take it out of the oven and let rest while tossing the vegetables.
  5. Add a generous amount of butter to the frying pan – add the broccoli florets and sliced mushrooms to the and toss. Season to taste. Be careful so the vegetables don’t go soggy – important with a bit to them.
  6. The sauce can be made in advance .. but it only takes a couple of minutes … heat up the Crème fraîche and stir in the mustard, season and that’s all. (Or if use it as a cold sauce just whisk in the mustard and season to taste.)taste-good

I’m quite pleased with my Sunday after all – the ironing was done, all the flower pots is watered and I enjoyed my new chicken dish. What more could I ask for?????!!! Okay, Goerge Cloony maybe!!!!!

“It is not a Sunday
if you don’t completely
waste it and feel really sad
around 8pm”
Unknownpouring down

15 thoughts on “sunday blues – bacon wrapped herb chicken

  1. Glad your Sunday improved after a poor start, Vivi! Today was a lazy day for me, but I did walk down to the paper shop, make my lunch of stuffed pork tenderloin, which means I have an easy meal tomorrow night, and sorted out a f ew more photos on my computer…

    • Sounds … like a perfect Sunday to me … you know doing nothing is hard work. I have just started to carry on with cataloguing all SDHC cards … because I never empty them, so I have started a Excel sheet in the beginning of the year, but only did 11 of my 36 cards. Then I also have a chance to look through everyone and delete what isn’t usable and that is quite a few. *smile

  2. 🙂 Luckily I’ve just had an ice cream otherwise I’d be running to the fridge after seeing your mouthwatering chicken, dear Wivi 😀
    Sleep tight and have a wonderful week.
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • Ice cream …. now you talking. Haven’t had ice cream for weeks .. a month. Then I had the last soft ice for summer … I wish you a great week too. Same grey day today!!! Hate days like this, but no rain. So I have to make my way to Lidl today. *laughing.

  3. I could use my favourite lady chef right now 🙂 🙂 Sorry for my absence, Vivi. Dad died whilst I was in the Algarve and the funeral is tomorrow. Family are descending from Polanad and elsewhere. Catch up with you when I can.

    • Jo, I’m sorry … to read the news about your dad. Have written an email to you. You know that I would love to help you out with your cooking. You’re in my thoughts.

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