weekly photo challenge – local

spring-roundaboutI want to dedicate this post to my town’s park team that keeps and makes our parks, roundabouts, playgrounds and all public art … so beautiful the whole year around. We are only around 37.000 people living here and all the hard work and afford going into our well-being is outstanding.

Landskrona Park Team and Landskrona …. this is to you!!!

Thank you!!!!

“Parks represent an efficient,
cost-effective way
to improve public health.”
Chuck Norris




30 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – local

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    • Thank you, Andy … yes, I really liked being out in the fog … something very mysterious and Oscar liked it too .. a while ago now. Have to do it again. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you, I have lived in Landskrona now 7 years … so it’s through the years and I had them already in my media library. Try to re-use images … to save space. *smile

  2. I really like all these pics, but that one with the flowers in foreground, pond in the middle and house in the distance is absolutely marvelous! Simply great composition.

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  4. Hej Viveka,

    Tack för ditt trevliga mejl. Såg att du även skrivit på stadens FB-sida men det kom nog inte med någon länk där?

    Jag skickar vidare detta till vår stadsmiljöavdelning som kommer bli jätteglada över att läsa dina värmande ord.


    Therese Månsson
    Kommunikationsenheten, stadsledningskontoret
    Landskrona stad

  5. Beautiful photos from your local parks. In my free time I also love going hiking at our regional parks in the area. Luckily I live in Sonoma County, California where there are many places to go hiking and take pictures of beautiful landscapes. I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog. Either way thank you for your inspirational posts. You’ve given me an idea. I need to take more pictures when I go hiking. 🙂 thanks -bel

    • Hi there Bel!!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for the visit. I will accept your invite .. and come over to your world.
      I’m not much of hiking person, but I love walking and I love beautiful parks.
      Of course you should take picture when you hike and share your eye and your view. Take picture on every thing in all angles. Hope to see you again. Lots … Wivi

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