autumn day at ordrupgaard with friends and monet


Thursday was it time again for a girly day out – my friend Marica came with bus from Gothenburg and Iris from Klippan, a bit closer. We met up in Helsingborg and went on the ferry over to Denmark, our destination was Ordrupgaard Art Museum in Charlottenlund. None of us had been there before. It meant that after the 20 min ferry journey we first had to jump on train twice and then bus. It was in total a 2 hours journey, but it was worth all jumping on and off.

Heavy grey sky we had over us and the day had a quite chilly undertone, but in good friends company … who cares, so long as it doesn’t rain.monet

We want to see the Monet exhibition, the biggest ever in Scandinavia … 56 pieces in total.

I visit Monet’s garden in Giverny, France … in the late 70’s, but we were there in the middle of September and all the flowers was gone … not one water lily, plus it had been a very dry and hot summer so nearly nothing to enjoy more then the house. I have loved his art since I was in my early teens, my grandma bought a print of his motives and hanged in her bedroom,  the Water Lily Pond.water-lily-on-glass

Because we all had an early start, Marica particular that left Gothenburg already 7am, lunch was first on the agenda when we arrived to Ordrupgaard. The cafe was quite small and the exhibition were busy, we where lucky that we went straight to the cafe on arrival .. because 20 min later visitors was queuing up for table.  We all went for famous Danish smørrebrød (open sandwiches) – the girls had smoked salmon, but I went for braised pork filet with mustard pure …. LOVELY!

After your delightful lunch we took on Monet. I had asked the girl at the ticket office if I was aloud to take photos and she informed me at only with smartphone, which I don’t have. It was their rules, but because most art came from museums and private collections all over the world. So I expected not have anything to show off with, but nobody stopped me using the camera … not allowed to use flash. Still my camera flashes a bit when I focus .. so I had to be on distance to the paintings and be very careful how I was standing. So I didn’t get so many images of the art as I had wished for.

They also showed his painting that he painted in London, Monet visited London numerous times between 1870 and 1901. It was most paintings of London Bridge in the fog .. which he could see from his hotel room at Savoy Hotel. He has also done a serie with paintings of Houses of Parliament that he seems to have painted from the terrace of St. Thomas Hospital. What I understand has Monet said that London would be beautiful if it hadn’t been for it’s fog. granit-walls

He has done also done a Cathedral series of 40 painting. The Rouen Cathedral series was painted in the 1890s. He has also done many coastal paintings, because he relationship between Monet and the sea started soon as the young artist established, along with his family, in the coastal town of Le Havre, Normandy.

Image provided by and thanks to

Image provided by and thanks to

Monet loved Venice and in 1908 he painted a series … of 25 known paintings.  In 2015 his “Le Grand Canal” which has been on loan to the National Gallery, London for the past eight years, is set to hit the auction block with an estimate of $30.6–$45.9 million (£20–30 million) at Sotheby’s. Today it hangs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

It was a very interesting exhibition, because I got to see a lot more sides of Claude Monet … not only his water lilies.

Ordrupgaard is surrounded by a massive park and a part of it they call the art park. The weather was crude and not very pleasant to be out in … so I just walked around the museum itself, next visit when hopefully the sun will be out .. I will walk the whole art park. smoking-art

But as we made our way back to Sweden the sun came out and we had fantastic evening … that we finished of with mussels and a great glass of wine at Hamnkrogen in Helsingborg, before we started our journey home on our own in the magical sunset. heavenly-mussels

Another fantastic day .. with fantastic friends, outstanding art and great food. Another day to fill up the RAM with!!!!

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings.”
Claude Monethelsingborg-pilot-and-lighthouse

9 thoughts on “autumn day at ordrupgaard with friends and monet

  1. What a great day you had, Vivi! Glad you got to see a different side to Monet – I love the cathedral series for the different light, and the atmospheric foggy London views….

  2. From my Australian perspective “popping over to Denmark” is such a wonderful concept. I’d better do a bit of popping over somewhere myself, before Warsaw ends! Monet’s “Trees” was unexpected. I love series paintings: they show so many differences between the same subjects. What a perfect day – as you say. Art, friends and food. Hard to beat.

    • I think the tree painting is from Nederlands … he was over there too. He popped over there. *smile. we use the term – visit the continent – when we visit Denmark. Yes, if you have the chance do some “pop overs”. Had a brilliant day, it could have been slightly warmer. But it ended perfect … thank you, Meg!

    • Meg, I do that after I have edit them and also because I use already published images for most photo challenges, because of space. So I have to look through my library. And also I file them after I label them. Otherwise I wouldn’t have clue where my images are, still I miss out at times.

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