big, trendig and very popular – soma book station, prishtinë

If you want to check out more of my dining adventures around the world - just click on this logo

If you want to check out more of my dining adventures around the world – just click on this logo

This place is all in one – cafe, bar, restaurant and they call themselves Gastropub. It’s very popular and very few tourists. With its location just behind parliament’s buildings at lunch time, this is a waterhole for officials in suits and some with flag needed

I try to always found out exactly the restaurant where is located during daytime if I have planned or have booked for the evening. if it’s not necessary for me to go by taxi. So when I was out and about as a good tourist in Prishtinë I located the restaurant and it was during lunch hours … it was packed, both outside and inside.samo-important-chef

What I understand they hold lots of different events …. like music, film, photography and of course literature.

Image provided by and thanks to

Image provided by and thanks to

Soma Book Station
4/A Fazli Grajqevci
Prishtinë 10000

The restaurant is very big .. with tables outside in the front and on the back and inside it’s huge. And loads of very nice and helpful staff.samo-busy-waiter

What I understand is it difficult to get a table in the evening, I went back for a coffee to have a look inside before I returned to my hotel in the afternoon and at the same time I booked a table for the evening and the nice young lady that served me let me pick the table I wanted.samo-terrace

Inside a part of is a bookstore with a piano and a little shop, it has a massive and impressive island bar in the middle. In the back outside is like a beach bar where it serves food and drinks the whole day plus a big terrace in the front. Very nice and homely decor even if the place is big.

I had chosen a table indoors just by glass glass dor against the terrace (that opened up into the warm pleasant evening) for 8pm and when I arrived the terrace was nearly full and inside a couple of tables was taken, when I left 2,5 hour later .. people was queuing up to get in and there were bouncers by the entrance.

With no menu on their website, I’m not able to recall the exact wording of the dishes I went for.

I started off with a goat cheese and beetroot salad, that was right in size … nicely presented plus very tasty. My main was seared salmon with spinach … the salmon was perfectly cooked and there was nothing left on my plate.

In Sweden we drink coffee with our desserts .. and when I ordered my dessert I asked if could have my coffee with the dessert and my waitress became very apologetic and informed me that they don’t serve coffee after 7pm. I told her that mean problem for me and she asked me to wait.samo-evening

A couple of minutes later she came back and told me that it will be okay for me to have a cappuccino with the dessert, so I got what I wanted a fantastic Crème brûlée and a fantastic cappuccino.samo-all-gone

As a pre-dinner drink, I had a Mojito and it was very good .. and with my meal, I had a nice big glass of perfect chilled white.

My waitress was a smiling star and nothing was a problem for her. In Kosovo, it’s not a custom to give a tip .. I gave her 12%. All because of the coffee.samo-evening-busy

Had the best table … had great service …. had superb food … had excellent drinks … AND linen napkin. Well done!!!! I was the oldest customer that evening.

And some extra pluses for the very clean, tiny, nicely smelling and beautiful decorated… washroom, that was spotless when the place was packed … that is top class.

“The disparity between a restaurant’s price
and food quality rises in direct
proportion to the size of the pepper mill.”
Bryan Miller

The cloud over this post is performed by Blero, Blerim Muharremi, born 1978 in Kosovo. One of their MEGA stars of today.

5 thoughts on “big, trendig and very popular – soma book station, prishtinë

    • Meg, goat cheese and beetroots is a fantastic combination .. have enjoyed a couple of times on restaurants this year – drizzle some honey over. I do my research .. when it comes to restaurants, both at home and away. I like odd places.

  1. Great and yes Soma is a great place! When you say tips are not a custom in Kosova hahaha that’s weird. I’m kosovar and I always tip, I do not even get close to what you get and I tip at 10-12 so I think tipping is normal (at least it’s cheaper then in Sweden) so stingy is not a good thing to be!

    • I was staying with a Kosovo family and they told me that tips are not custom … but I always tip where ever I’m anyhow. Yes, Soma is a great place and so busy .. I love buzz! Thanks for you great comment and the visit.

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