lost & found

“The thing I miss about Air Force One
is they don’t lose my luggage.”
President George Bush Sr

… this morning this little video landed in my inbox … and it brought a big smile to my breakfast! Just have to share it with you. He are not in service, it’s a PR stunt … but still I think the thought is so lovely and well done.

I wish you a “smileful” day!!!.


3 thoughts on “lost & found

  1. Just put this link on my daughter’s fb page.mshe has a friend who trains police dogs and truffle dogs: he might like to increase his offerings! My family’s last encounter with an airport sniffer dog delayed them for an hour: contraband was a forgotten cheese sandwich imported from somewhere in Europe when they came to Australia.

    • I think those dogs .. just amazing … they do a fantastic job. Now there is dogs that can anticipate epileptic fits and all the blind dogs. Just amazing. Maybe the dog was hungry. I didn’t know they are susceptible dairy products too.

      • Also dogs that detect cancer. Australia’s very careful about what foods come in so it’s not surprising that dogs are food-trained. By the way, I loved your green post: the photos were amazingly diverse and so were the shades of green. I didn’t comment in midst of chaos here, and I’m too lazy to find the post to comment. Odd to have that challenge just after we’d been talking about a colour series!

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