cee’s fun foto challenge – light green

“It doesn’t matter what colour you are
as long as there is
green colour in your pocket.”
Vikrant Parsai

green small apples

  • Green is the colour used for night vision goggles because the human eye is most sensitive and able to distinguish the most shades in that colour.
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred colour choice for wedding gowns in the 1400’s.blue green and gold
  • It says  that in US before the 1950’s Santa’s suit was originally green until Coca-Cola bought him out and changed his suit to red.
  • Suicides dropped by 34% when London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green.green tea soft ice
  • In North American stock markets, green is used to indicate a rise in stock prices, however In East Asian stock markets, green indicates a drop in stock prices.
  • The colour green is often used as a symbol of sickness, you’ll most likely have noticed this in cartoons; the character often has a green face when being sick.

    Stockholm - underground green - November

    Stockholm – underground green – November

  • The first green card was introduced after the Second World War when large scale immigration resumed and was indeed green. The colour now changes regularly to deter forgery.
  • Bright green is the color of the astrological sign “Cancer.”green feather
  • Green is one color that means “low” or “guarded” in the color-coded threat system established by presidential order in March 2002. This system quickly informs law enforcement agencies when intelligence indicates a change in the terrorist threat facing the US.Paradiesgarten, Potsdam - Germany
  • In  presences of green, your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions. Here in Sweden have all operation staff at hospitals wear green.peas
  • Green is believed to increase concentration.
  • With both a warming and cooling effect, the color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability.

Copenhagen Airport - glass horse - October

  • My eyes are supposed to be green, at least my passport says so.
  • My entrance hall has green walls

Simrishamn - green map - February




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