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Let’s go back to Priština in August, when I visit for 4 nights … a city that wants so much, but don’t have the full strength, with the most wonderful proud people. Kosovo is still a very poor country, but it’s only 16 years since the Balkan war that nearly destroyed it all.

So Priština is a city with no history to show …  It’s one of the world’s youngest capitals with a strong present of UN, Nato … supporting armies and help organisations. There is nothing flashy about Priština, just down to basic  … but it’s trying it’s best.pristine-taxi-sign

But when it comes to food … I found its adventures and I wasn’t disappointed on anything that I paid for and service are fantastic. I didn’t visit any of the top restaurants, all because they are not located directly in the city center and needs about 10-20 min taxi journey. But I visit one of the highest rated and one of the most popular.

Food and drink are very cheap in Kosovo … so I had a feast every lunch and dinner. Plus they have fantastic coffee – EVERYWHERE!!!!!

And Kosovo uses Euros (€) as their currency.restaurant-logo

Restaurant Liburnia (facebook link)
Meto Bajraktari, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: 038 222719
Mediterranean, European & Albanian

“Liburnia” is the highest rate restaurant in Prishtinë on Tripadvisor and it was located just around the corner from my little hotel, Hotel Prima. So I had my first food adventure with them.

A big restaurant and it was fairly busy …. a welcoming place with fresh greenery everywhere and mixed textiles. It was like dining in a garden nursery and the plants were on floors, in boxes up under the ceiling and on the walls …. and ALL was fresh.

Couldn’t help wonder how the plants could survive without any direct daylight and who was looking after them. It was a lovely environment to enjoy great food.

I thought that lamb was going to be on the menus everywhere, but not to be found. Veal was their most popular meat.

So at “Liburnia” I had “Rosti with dried ham” as a starter … and veal filet as main …. and my dessert was for free,  some kind of pannacotta with fresh fruit.rosti

Service was superb, got my pre-drink (vodka & tonic) very quickly and no food was served until my drink was finished. So extra points for that.best-roast-potatoes

I can’t recall the specific wording of the dishes because they don’t have a website. The food was perfectly prepared and nicely presented. A fusion of European and Albanian cooking.free-dessert

The only thing I can complain about is that the portions were far too big, both the starter and main big enough for two. My veal filets were on a HOT skillet and served with the best roast potatoes I ever had.

Neither can I recall what the damage came to because I paid in cash (haven’t saved any receipts neither) – tipping isn’t common in Kosovo, but I always tip 10% where ever I’m … even in the US, even if they expect more. *smilerestaurant-detail-5

This is a restaurant that is a MUST if you visit Priština against all odds, great food .. superb service in a welcoming rustic and green environment. Fantastic start on my visit and if I ever go back this is the restaurant I will return first of all.

“Life is like a restaurant; you can have anything
you want as long as you
are willing to pay the price.”
Moffat Machingura

If you want to read about my other delightful dining experience around the world - click on this logo

If you want to read about my other delightful dining experience around the world – click on this logo


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