weekly photo challenge – quest

“Everything is possible,
but where can I find everything?!”
Ljupka Cvetanova,

My quest …?????!!! To get a second chance on life … what quest can be greater and more challenging

I only want to live and be able to enjoy life it as it’s given to me and make the most of it. To be a cancer survivor has changed my view on many things and it has changed my soul for the better, but it has become a little bit damage too. But how to translate that into an image????!!!

I wish you a lovely weekend!



22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – quest

    • ThaaaAaAaAnk you, Sue … we can’t just roll over … can we????? I have gone from worst to GOOD … and you the opposite. Life isn’t fair but it’s up to us to make it so fair as possible .. and you TRULY do that. So proud of you.

      • Thank you very much, Vivi! You would have laughed the other day, I was having loads of fun on an all-terrain mobility scooter!

      • Good for you, Sue …. what a fantastic support. I see a guy here in town .. he comes in full speed out in the lanes with the cars, dangerous place to be. He seems to enjoy it.

      • I really want to go to Bletchley Park, which was the code breaking place in the War, but there ‘s a lot of walking, and they don’t have mobility scooters for hire….got to work out what to do there…

      • That’s the problem with many gardens … not very handicap friendly. Never heard of the parks hire out mobility scooters … not what I know of.

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  2. That is such a wonderful quest to have. For those of us that live that have been touched by death and grave illness …. the quest to be alive it a WONDERFUL quest. I adore that song. 😀 Yeah you post made me feel good. 😀

    • Cee, yes … even if I’m not a believer as such … we got life all over again.
      I love this song too .. and especially this Avicii version .. it was made for Volvo commercials. Thank you so much for your lovely comment .. it felt to good to publish it too.

    • Francesca, thank you so much for your lovely comment … this is one of my favorite shots … and I used it before on my blog both with words and without. And the song is one of the BEST, this is ny favorite version. Sorry, Micheal and Nina.

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