cee’s fun foto challenge – purples

“I think it p—– God off if you walk by
the color purple in a field somewhere
and don’t notice it.”
Alice Walker

Skanör, Sweden

purple rose

– Uplifts
– Calms the mind and nerves
– Offers a sense of spirituality
– Encourages creativity


too early start

– Purple prose: an elaborately written poem or paragraph in literature
– Purple heart: a medal awarded to a U.S. soldier wounded in battle
– Born to the purple: a person who is born into a noble or royal family
– Lay it out in lavender: very cool, relaxed, and in control

centrum station

very pretty purple

– The color purple originally came from a dye made
from mucus glands of a tropical sea snail.
– Carrots were once purple, red, white or yellow.
Orange carrots were bred by the Dutch
in the 16th century to honor the royal House of Orange.
– Because purple dye was so difficult to obtain and expensive to produce,
purple became the royal color in
many parts of the world and is traditionally associated
with royalty, power, and wealth.
– Apparently purple is the color with most shades.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purples

23 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – purples

    • Yes, purple is one of my top favorite colors with red. But it’s a difficult color to capture, because it often goes blue. Thank you, Meg … for for the lovely comment. I think we will struggle with find 50 shades of purple, because green has most shades and it suppose to be 52 in total. *smile

      • One of my perpetual references is Eckersley’s colour chart. I had it open on the way to the Great Barrier Reef last year, so I could name the colours of the sea with some accuracy!

      • I asked Goggle and it gives me both purple and green .. as having most shades. I’m surprised over purple.. Very interesting. Also that the eye can see more green shades than any other color. We learn something new every day.

  1. Nice music, Vivi 🙂 My favourites are the hot air balloon (Bristol memories 🙂 🙂 ) and the sideways Palace of Kultury. And I love the opening quote. I do like a bit of lavender about the place.
    I was looking at my Edinburgh photos and I have one of the Mussel and Steak Bar on West Row. Is that the right place, or a different one? Wednesday hugs! Now I’m hungry 🙂

    • Thanks, Girlfriend … yes, I like the music too … found it on soundtrack .. nobody famous behind it. Love piece.
      Yes, Bristol memories … they where great and I was so close to revisit this year … but maybe next year. What an experience … and to spend time with you the icing on the cake.
      No, it’s not the same restaurant … this is on Rose Street … behind Primark. Mussels … Mussels and more Mussels. Should only be eaten in months with a R!!!! Like September. Hungry too. *smile

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