hala madrid… y nada mas

fuente-de-los-galapagos…. Madrid is a feast of beautiful buildings and details, both old and modern. I’m not really into standing at a distance and capture magnificent buildings in their full glory, I love to capture the details and be close up.

It was my friend and travel -mate Sue@WordsVisual that informed me about the Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) – located in Madrid’s Buen Retiro Park. It was built in 1887.   The architect was Ricardo Velázquez Bosco. It was built to exhibit flora and fauna from the Philippines, in those days a Spanish colonial possession.

The Buen Retiro Park is a large and popular 1.4 km2 (350 acres) park at the edge of the city centre, very close to the Puerta de Alcalá and not far from the Prado Museum. The park is half the size of Central Park in New York.black-beauty

We visited on a Saturday and it was very busy, without being overcrowded. Fountains, ponds, and stunning buildings, passages and monuments like; Monument to Alfonso XII,Fuente del Ángel Caído (Fountain of the Fallen Angel), Casita del Pescador, Paseo de la Argentina,  Avenida de México, Palacio de Velázquez and then Palacio de Cristal. There were some flowers still breathing, but not many, it had been a hot long summer and nature has taken it’s tough.

Around the Palacio de Cristal was it very busy – both outside and inside, there was some kind of exhibition going on, but it was all in Spanish.

It says that the building is inspired by the Crystal Palace in London, built for the Great Exhibition of 1851.

We walked around in some parts of the beautiful park, it was a very hot day … and we sat down and enjoyed a virgin Mojito and an ice cold beer before we took on the modern part of Madrid. in-a-round-about

As we left the park I notice a newlywed couple taking their photos in the Puerta de Alcalá roundabout. I was at a good distance, but it looks like the groom noticed me.


“I am struggle! I am beauty!
The cry I learned:
Madrid! Madrid! Madrid!
Hala Madrid! 
And nothing more! And nothing more!
Hala Madrid!”

Where we were able to enjoy the atmosphere around a Real  Madrid soccer match. What a party … young and old, children men and women. We didn’t watch the game we just ended up in the chaos before the match. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is the biggest stadiums I ever seen. It swallows over 81.000 and I think it was packed that day.stadium

I been to CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Seahawks home ground and I thought that was big, but it ONLY holds 67.000, but it’s the noisiest in the world.

Of course, we had to visit their fan shop … not for buying anything but just have a look. Can’t really visit Madrid without taking notice to Real Madrid FC.

“We lost because we didn’t win.”
Cristiano Ronaldoone-of-the-cups


15 thoughts on “hala madrid… y nada mas

    • Andy, when I saw it … I thought … if I ever get married this is the place for my wedding. The chance is minimal, but still …*laughing … I love the natural light too.

    • Maralee, yes … Madrid is a gorgeous city … one of the most beautiful cities I been too. And friendly, clean and reasonable prices. Thank you so much for your support, sometimes I think I use too many images … but it’s hard .. have so many. *smile

  1. Fantastic! Brought back some great memories, and I’m so pleased you liked the Crystal Palace! While in Spain, did you have a cup of chocolate and whatever the doughnut-like things are to dip into it?

  2. My kind of park, Vivi 🙂 Fabulous details and a lovely post. Barely just back from Edinburgh and she was at her beautiful best 🙂 Thank you for the Hemingway quote/postcard. I had a very nice French Martini on Harvey Nicholls roof terrace today 🙂 Have a happy weekend!

    • Edinburgh, also a city of mine …. you have really visit in style. Martini at Harvey’s! I use to stay on the other side of the Sq. We have decided that next year my birthday will be celebrated in Edinburgh. Anna-Liisa has never been to Edinburgh. Weekend hug.

      • That would be amazing. Am I invited to the party? 🙂 I was only there 1 night in a very cheap Airbnb so I didn’t break the Bradley bank 🙂 🙂 Happy Saturday!

      • Of course you’re …. that would be fantastic. I make it official, you’re welcome to my birthday party in Edinburgh next year. 11/9 at Mussel Inn. …

  3. I love your penchant for detail: the ones of the crystal palace are great, and there are some with your signature tilt which I always enjoy. What tree is that with its feet in the water? That’s a lovely shot too.

    • Meg, thank you so much for your lovely comment and faithful support. I don’t know what kind of trees they are .. there was all different kinds in that pond in front of the palace. We are amazed too that they survive standing in water, they look like all the other trees in the park.

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