the streets that we walked

… in Madrid.

I noticed already our first evening i Madrid that some streets had the most beautiful ceramic street signs – so I decided to take a photo of every street and square that we walked … and here they are, in total 34 (If I haven’t counted wrong). Some streets we walked didn’t have this kind of signs.

We used the metro once … going to to the Sunday market (El Rastro), so easy to use and the ticket machines are very user-friendly.

Strangely didn’t my feet resist much and Oscar also loved Madrid!

… and we have decided to go back and walk some more … very soon.

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
Steven Wright

16 thoughts on “the streets that we walked

  1. I loved those colourful tiles when I visited Madrid! Really glad to hear your feet aren’t too unhappy on this trip…and just received a couple of great postcards, thank you!

    • No both me, feet and … the other parts had a fantastic time in Madrid. Glad you have received them. Still need your new address. Visited the Crystal Palace .. beautiful .. they had some kind of expo inside, free!

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