travel theme – history

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”
Carl Sagan

old farmhouse

Ågård is a Swedish farmhouse from the 1800s, built in county Småland. Some parts was already built in 1810. Originally Ågården were a four-winged southern Swedish farm, built of pine and covered with sod roofs. Ågård was donated 1921 to Fredriksdal’s open-air museum (in Helsingborg). It was moved and rebuilt entirely on Fredriksdal in 1922-1923.

I have to travel for about 1 hour in total to reach Fredirksdal.

“Vi sålde våran hemman/We sold our Homesteads” is a Emigrant song from the mid 1800’s. Probably  the most famous of the songs dealing the Swedes emigration to North America, probably also the oldest. In the years 1850-1930 emigrated approximately 1.51
million people from Sweden, of which 1.2 million to North America. Many of the Swedish emigrants came just from country Småland.

Travel theme: History

7 thoughts on “travel theme – history

    • Yes, like Skansen … but in smaller scale and on a proper farm. Never been to Skansen. I know .. pretty bad. Lublin!!! Have to remember. Thanks for your support, Meg.

  1. Emigrants are nothing new are they Vivi! I like your folksy shots and the through the windows ones. I was at a craft museum last week and took some quite similar. Commenting on my phone is painfully slow so I’ll just send a heap of hugs xxx

    • No, but some countries has forgotten that they were emigrants once. I have a fetish for windows … inside out or the other way around. Need hugs today .. doing laundry. *smile – Weekend hugs.

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