roses, beans and naughty piglets

“If I had words to make a day for you
I’d sing you a morning golden and new”

first sign of autumThe weathermen have told  us that we are having the last days of summer 2016 just now, so we should soak it up . We had a fantastic week with the sun and blue sky so far.

Yesterday was the monthly girly day with my friend, Iris and we decide to visit Fredriksdal in Helsingborg.  I thought Fredriksdal was only open air theater, because so long as I can remember they have been sending a special comedy show on TV yearly from the theater, so I was up for a magical surprise yesterday.manor house

Fredriksdals were built as a “landeri” of Frederick William Cöster in 1787. The property was purchased by Consul Oscar Trapp in the late 1800s and much of the land along with the main building and outbuildings were donated to the city of Helsingborg by his widow, in 1918.gazebo

“Landeri” is a Swedish word I never heard before and it comes from the German language and means used land that is built, county agricultural property which is situated within an urban donation earth, ie land by the state awarded the city in conjunction with the town received its charter. (

Their website says that Fredriksdal is a Skåne (my county) in miniature and it’s so true. Beautiful setting and not a sound of a car or nothing, old bird song. garden - maybe for the pigs

This fantastic green ground is nearly in the city center,  few bus stops from Helsingborg Central Station and when we step off the bus a fantastic smell of coffee hit us. Because on the other side of the road was the roastery and factory for Zoega coffee. For me, the probably best coffee in the world, since 1986 owned by Nestlé. A good start of our day.the best coffee

Fredriksdal’s gardens are breathtaking, they also have a Botanic garden and a kitchen garden out of this world. Everything that grows in kitchen garden is first of all for the staff, but if we wanted to buy some vegetables was it only to tell the gardener and he take it fresh out of the ground or pick it. No self-service!garden - so delicate

Never seen that many different kinds of beans in my life. Some of the beans plants were high as trees and they had done acres of them too.

Loads of fruit trees too .. there is loads of apples, plums, and pears this year.

It is the end of the flower season now, so the splendor is gone, but there was still loads of roses left and colors.

There is also a section that showcases some of Helsingborg’s older urban areas with houses that were moved to, or rebuilt at Fredriksdal from their original locations in town. Several of the buildings have been preserved interiors that tell of their history as handicraft farms. This part of the museum was added in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, when it tore a large part of the buildings in the city to make way for new houses.

We visit the barber & hairdresser that was still in use in 1960, the dentist and the doctor practice .. plus the cafe and had a look into the shop.

For open-air museum has been moved several older folk buildings from Scania complete with associated fields, where you can see how they grow various grains in the old days, as well as meadows and pastures where the museum’s “pets” roam and graze. The oldest farm is Lillarydsgården the 1600s. There is the old farmhouse Ågård the 1800s, the mill built in 1803, meadow barns and the timber saw.

Then we have all the livestock – Fredriksdal is full running farm too.lunch break

We didn’t meet all the animals … but the highlight was the piglets. We also said hello to some of the cows and chickens. Didn’t see the goats, horses, sheep or the geese. All the livestock is of Swedish breeds.old farmhouse

Fredriksdal says “Landraces” are important to protect! These special breeds have unique characteristics that today’s livestock breeds do not have. In the past, animals themselves were not farmed but instead the fields and meadows.”

The pigs became our favorites .. and mother Pig she are absolutely massive and she had 9 piglets that were all having a good time in the mud pods.

The breed is The Linderöd pig is a nearly pure form of the landrace pig that previously roamed free in the beech tree forests of southern Sweden. They are a close relative of the wild boar and have maintained their original behavior. Their coloring is greyish-white or brownish-red with black spotting.

When the piglets saw Iris coming up to the fence in her white trousers .. they decided that is was time to shake their booty and you can image how she looked like the next second, full of mud spots all over. She took it as a trooper and had a good wash off at the cafe’s toilet and hang everything to dry in the sun while we had a great lunch.

I enjoyed my meatballs and of course a Zoega’s coffee and a great piece of Chocolate cake afterward.

Now in the end of September are they having a harvesting market at the grounds where their own product will be sold. A Harvest festival from 1900. The authentic atmosphere you will experience market teeming with antics, music, variety shows, old crafts and food traditions in Skåne. What I understand is the festival packed to the rim …

“I am fond of pigs.
Dogs look up to us.
Cats look down on us.
Pigs treat us as equals.”
Winston Churchill

Just had use this song as cloud for this post … If I had words .. from the movie “Babe!” – the cutest of all piglets. Didn’t eat bacon for a couple of months after watching the movie.

Babe - telegraph

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18 thoughts on “roses, beans and naughty piglets

  1. What a wonderful series. We had mountain ash trees in our yard when I was growing up and they always said that when there were a lot of berries on the tree, it meant a hard winter. I don’t know if that’s true or not but it doesn’t seem to be the case out here in Oregon.

    • I didn’t know what you meant with the mountain ash tree .. over here we call them “Rönnbär”. We had loads last year too, but we got nearly no winter at all .. it looks like when there is loads of fruit on the trees and roses on the bushes there is loads of them too. I think it has to do with if the summer has been a little chilly, but that is only my theory. Thanks , Maralee!

    • Iris, have been around the world a couple of times … so some mud isn’t going to spoil her day … and she just laughed at the whole thing .. they saw her coming. *smile We had a fantastic day and there is so much we didn’t see .. the area is huge. So there will be more visits.

  2. What a fabulous way to spend a ‘day with you’, Vivi 🙂 I was singing along from the first bars. It’s been a wonderful Summer, and still hanging on! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dazzled by all the sunshine. Hugs, sweetheart!

    • Yes, we had a great day … I promise I will take you there if you come across!!!???? We are getting a hot weekend, but .. not so hot as I will get, but I could be without 37C. Hugs … Girlfriend.

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